Apple Inc

Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak Pages: 3 (613 words) Published: November 30, 2014
Drew Galloway
October 8th 2014
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Apple Inc.
Apple is an extraordinary company. The company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1st 1976. The whole purpose of Apple was, to develop and sell personal computers. It has come a long way from a small owned business into a multinational corporation. After the death of Steve Jobs the company had to hire a new CEO, Tim Cook.

Tim Cook was the complete opposite of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was very loud and unpredictable, but Cook was quiet and careful. Cooks strength was that he was almost prepared for taking on the CEO role before Steve Jobs even passed away. He was basically his “right hand man” so to speak. Like Steve Jobs, he was also a workaholic. He works constantly to stay ahead. His weakness is the fact that he is soft spoken and quiet. In my opinion you need to be very courageous and loud when you’re in charge of a company such as Apple. He does have a major opportunity to become better than Steve Jobs. Cook is almost living in his shadow. This is his chance to prove to everyone that he isn’t just another CEO of Apple, but he his Tim Cook and he is there to stay and be better than Steve Jobs ever was or could be. At the same time it is also a threat, because he could also not come up to the potential of being better than Steve Jobs. If that happened he would only be known for living in his shadow. But I think He is on his way to be very successful.

The strength apple has is their new CEO Tim Cook. He was the person closest to Steve Jobs. Their weakness is definitely the passing of Steve Jobs, without the creator it’s hard to move on. Their opportunity is to start a new generation without Steve Jobs, and make a name for themselves. Existing threats are there competitors, such as Microsoft, which is a very powerful company.

The two most important points from my SWOT analysis is their opportunity, and their threats. They don’t want to fail at their opportunities,...
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