Apple Inc. Analysis

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Apple Inc. Business Analysis

Robert Stokes

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Nicole Seldon

July 18th, 2011

Apple Inc. is a well-established company with many technological advantages. The main advantage this company has in the business and technological world is its marketing. This company is not afraid of in-your-face marketing. Apple Inc. excites consumers with its innovative marketing. In fact, the company’s main marketing strategy is not focusing on its many features or technological advances but how their product will better the consumer’s life overall. This successful marketing strategy has seemed to keep the company alive and running – for now. A huge factor in Apple Inc.’s successful marketing is Steve Jobs – chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. His stage presence and enthusiasm for his products seem to be keeping the company afloat.

However, marketing can become rather expensive, especially given that globally, there is more competition in recent years as the technological world has seen amazing advances. Apple Inc. generally outspends its competition in vendor space marketing technology. The company’s financial reports and records indicate the company’s profits are not increasing but have even begun to decline recently. Given the recent numbers, it is no surprise that Apple Inc. has invested substantially more into their marketing than other leading companies. In fact, it is considered a broad opinion that if it weren’t for Steve Jobs and his enthusiastic and successful marketing techniques, some feel that Apple Inc. would have disappeared altogether years ago. (Enderle, Rob).

In researching Apple Inc.’s reports and history, I concluded as an external stakeholder that I would not invest into the company based solely on my research into the company’s history and business stamina as portrayed within my careful findings. I have extended my analysis into Apple Inc.’s financial history and current financial reports. In reviewing these documents, I find that the company’s manufacturing and production is higher than their sales – they seem to acquire more computers than sales. This seems to be another reason that this company invests so much focus and money into their marketing.

Apple Inc. has many technological advantages that they should capitalize on such as:
1.Apple Inc.’s Hardware Design
A. From an aesthetics point of view from a vendor, this company’s designs are classical and elegant. The technological world is constantly evolving and since Apple Inc.’s release of the iPod no other competitor has been able to design a better MP3 player, which is surprising considering how fast technology seems to advance in today’s fast paced market.

B. Another technological advance is the company’s tower computer – the G5. The usual dull form factor is now trendy thanks to Apple Inc.’s outstanding design team. However, Sony is a close second in the running.

C. Although considered old in the technological world, the iMac is still not matched by any other competitor. The iMac is still considered far more advanced than any other all-in-one product on the market today. This finding within my research has suggested to me the stability of the Apple Inc.’s products. Long term wise, this company’s products can still compete in today’s fierce technology world.

D. No other company but Apple Inc. has more of an opportunity to capitalize on music than Apple Inc. in my opinion. Apple Inc. has made the legally downloadable music available to its consumers at an affordable price, therefore making the music industry itself as a whole an internal stakeholder and a much valued one at that for Apple Inc.

E. The partnership that Apple Inc. shares with Intel is a smart merge and they should capitalize more on this partnership.
In other findings in my financial analysis of this company, I have seen that Apple Inc. hit a stalemate and then steadily began to see a...

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