Apple Inc. Background and Market Research

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Apple Inc. was established on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne (Mary Bellis, n.d). Apple Inc. which is an American multination corporation that design and sells mobile phone, computer software, tablet and personal computer. Apple well known hardware product are the Macintosh, iPod, iPad and the iPhone while its software are the OS X and iOS operating system. Today, Apple Inc is the second-best global brand base on Interbrand statistic (Interbrand, 2012). The company have an estimated value worth of US$626 billion as of September 2012 which is larger than Google and Microsoft even when combined (Adam Satariano, 2012). System Risk that affect Apple Inc Future

Risk is the potential harm that may occur from some current process or from some future event (SANS Institude, 2007). In the perspective of an IT security, risk is the harm to a process that is related information resulting from some purposeful or accidental event that negatively impacts the process or the related information. There are a lot of information system risks that are out there that my affect the future of Apple Inc. Such system risk could be seen below. * Acts of Nature

Act of nature can be referred to natural disaster such as Tsunami, Earthquake and Typhoon. Act of nature could affect Apple in many ways. For example, if a disaster happen in one of Apple main server, large information stored in the server will be lost if there is no backup done for the day. Many companies have schedule for backup as doing a backup can slow down the performance of the server. Disaster will cause Apple to lose not only important information but also suffer huge losses because they are not able to do any transaction for the day. The company may also need to replace the server and fix the damage done to the building if they have their own structure. Therefore, Apple needs to have multiple servers as a backup that is located in different country so that when one is...
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