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Apple Inc. (Apple)
Apple’s leadership interlocked with innovative technologies would be hereby analyzed, synthesized and possibly eviscerated for scholastic continuous learners. Apple inventively used technological situational happenstances (TSHs) to risk sales of its existing line of products by introducing new innovative products to the market. These new innovative lines of products’ have disrupted the existing technology internally, externally and globally. That, even if internally Apple was risking or surreptitiously losing paper money on its existing products, it was still to the company advantage. Externally, consumers or end-users have adapted and shifted to these new products. Globally, this tectonic shifts on the sand have benefited Apple as the disruptor. Apple’s method of shifting resources from the old line of production to creating new products was regarded as the creative destruction (Ante, 2011). In this write-up, there was enormous insatiable appetite for Apple history, internally about the founder, Steve Jobs, then finally about its’ products. And of course, Apple’s current Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Cook along the future of Apple innovative products will be pychoanalyzed. The aforementioned shall be examined and discussed as well as the unchancable appetite that consumers have for Apple products. Consumers or end-users were like monsters with whetting appetite that could not get enough of Apple latest products, informative narrative materials about the present or future line of interminable breakthrough in the company’s technological products. Or, in totality the consumers were not getting enough of the existence of Apple in itself. And without any jaundice, gauging and not over extrapolating from the past, present, Apple might continue to break and shatter the glass ceiling in technological products. Anecdotally, Apple had an unstoppable fountain of newbies or innovative products

coming out from its golden chalice. Most recently, according Jvd (2013), was the introduction of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to the market, then market again shifted to Apple’s favor. Over nine million (9 million) of these iPhones powered by IOS was sold in three days. Apple made over $5.5 billion US dollars in three days compared to what the entire Blackberry Company was sold for to Fairfax Holding for $4.5 billion US dollars. Amazingly, this was substantially and an unprecedented amount of historical profit. Therefore, to the body of collegiate scholastic repositories of knowledge and to the future technologists, it would tantamount to a form of impiety or heresy not to prep and prop the role of its founder Steve Jobs while discussing Apple. Steve Jobs finesse in technology was morphed into the infinite likeness of Shakespearean as well as Shakespeare in the world of technologists.

The quintessential Steve Jobs in the field or minds of technologists was a creative, imaginary, visionary, and a disruptive idealogistic innovator. Steve Jobs metaphorically planted a technological tree. Ominously, the root of the tree has now tapped deep into the underground water. A tree that remained unshakable, unmovable, and un-uprootable even by the greatest tsunami. A tree that was now as huge as the Iroko. Iroko trees are found in bucolic or prairie or in the deep forest of Esan land in Edo-State of Nigeria (Aluya, 2008, 2009). A tree that other competitors now feeds from its’ leaves. A tree that it leaves has become the benchmark for creative technology and creative destructiveness with the use of TSH. Portentously, it would be practically impossible for other disrupters to use deep capitalistic creative destruction mechanism to steal Apple’s thunder. And there were amplitude of reasons stated below why other competitors trying to steal Apple’s thunder could find it somewhat impossible with how Steve Job had revolutionized the technology industry.

Steve Jobs revolutionized six major high-tech industries: a) personal computers, b)...

Cited: was Microsoft promiscuousity with its
windows’ open systems (Junod, 2011)
remain the largest the world (Ante, 2011; Schiender, 2012).
confronted a thermonuclear of war with Apple, it backdown and bowdown to the
unflagged Apple (Isaacson, 2011)
complex but creative leadership style (Nocera, 2008). Steve Jobs’ deft leadership style
was complex and complicated
encompassed all elements of transformative innovative styles (Aluya, 2014; Burns,
style was also polar extreme opposite of what scholar in the discipline of leadership
would not theoretical defined, deciphered nor understood (Aluya, 2014; Burns, 2006).
all imagined languages while delegating to subordinates (Kahney. 2011). In another
spectrum, he was effective, and efficient in delegating tasks to management which was
with the style of the strategists and visionary of the person delegating or leading
subordinates (Aluya, 2014; Bass, 1985; Burns, 2006)
Apple products (Kahney, 2011).
(Aluya, 2013 and 2014). Unforgettable, the element of various leadership styles were all
ensconced in Apple’s form of 20th century systems.
eviscerating and disrupting the existing technology industry (Aluya and Garraway,
dripping sarcasm. Simply stated, internally and externally, it was an undefined type of
benzene leadership style (Aluya, 2010, 2013 and 2014; Lashinsky, 2009; Junod, 2011).
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