Apple Inc. Global Corporation

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Apple Inc. Global Impact


Apple Inc. Global Impact

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By Gabriela Gonzalez 29 April 2013

Apple Inc. Global Impact Apple Inc. Global Impact


The Apple Company has been growing for several years due to changes in technology and by the adjustments to the consumers to their products. Before Apple Company success, several music players were more popular than a number of Apple products. In 1958, the cassettes were top in the music industry, but it was not efficient and there was consumer satisfaction, in 1980 the CD's were introduced to the market, the music industry grew and sold 1 million CD's in the first 3 years. Apple introduced a product into the market much faster and innovative than any other product, the iPod (2008 “The history of digital audio music players from Edison to the ipod”). We all like to listen to music and what better to listen to music in the same device in which you can talk on the phone, the company due to the start of the iPod; various accessories began to create to have a more complete product (Costello, 2009). The several music players mentioned are examples of how the company Apple dominates in any type of industry, as with this example in the music; there is not a product more innovative than the iPod and the same with their several Apple products, the company stands out with its technology and innovation (Blodget, 2011). The company has a series of products with high demand throughout the world; the iPod is a great example for knowledge and understanding of how the company has a large global impact (Karabell, 2012). Each country has different traditions, customs, languages, etc., but Apple Company despite having so many obstacles due to consumer differences, the company has grown to have a big impact equivalent with all their products in any type of consumer; the iPod is a great example in how it has a great impact in consumer habits, change in the way to purchase music and had a very important image that helped

Apple Inc. Global Impact consumers to have more knowledge in the technology and Apple products (Blodget, 2011). Apple inc. achieved to be an icon for many people, its advertising is very basic and simple as for example Apple use a photograph that is overlapping world-wide and is basically an icon (like Apple) the Beatles are an example of how the company is equally important and stands for exclusivity, personality and an image in which multiple consumers can relate to (Blodget, 2011). The company continues to demonstrate its innovations by introducing new products by improving other products, also their sales continue to rise even doe several countries have economic problems as for example


United States, it is one of the countries where the company has more sales and demand in any kind of product; Apple continues with its overall growth despite the unemployment and the economic problems of the country (Flynn, 2004). The company is an example of how the national economy has no impact toward Apple because it has its own entity and influences highly in every society in almost all nations. Apple has been a crucial and successful company for its various products, it has revolutionized the industry of music with its new product the iPod and the company also had a great innovator that changed the world of technology and in how people interact/communicate (John,2011) . Apple has also had a big impact on the culture; for example on Broadway, New York due for Apple’s innovations and influence in all nations, a play was made called 'The Agony and the ecstasy of Steve Jobs' is an example of how Steve Jobs with his revolutionary products, Apple inc. changed the music industry and every culture was influenced. It is a tribute to Steve Jobs to share his and the company’s history (2011 “Las obsesiones tecnologicas de Jobs llegan al teatro en Nueva York”).

Apple Inc. Global Impact The iPod and other products made a drastic change in the...

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Apple Inc. Global Impact
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