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Apple Inc. in 2012 case study

Executive Summary

According to the case “Apple Inc. in 2012”, it was clearly illustrate that Apple Inc. is one the largest computer manufacturer in the world. The Apple company has a perfect concept and operating systems of manufacturing new products in which launch to the customers. Also, there are some other companies try to imitate the Apple Inc., but some of them were failed. The main purpose of this report is to seek the problems of the Apple Inc. and give an efficient recommendation for the company to help them get better development in the future.

1. Introduction
Apple company began as “Apple Computer” and best known for sell Macintosh personal computers in the 1980s and 1990s. (David B, Y, Rossano, P 2012) When Steve Jobs became CEO of Apple Inc. in 1997, the company had changed from near bankruptcy to one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. Also there are a number of challenges while Jobs need to face his successor. After that, Tim Cook became the new CEO of Apple Inc., he was decided to choose different approach in which distinguish with Steve Jobs to develop the company perform well in the future. However, with the different period, Apple Inc. to change their management very often in these years, such as Sculley, or Spindler, Amelio were served in the company in different period. The liquid management should be an issue in which connected with Apple Inc.. Furthermore, Apple Inc. was using the market driving innovation approach to achieve the goal. So the incomplete innovation strategy should be another issue in which affect the company’s development.

2. Situational Analysis
By using SWOT analysis to help the company know about not only opportunities and threats that the Apple Inc. faces at present, but also to leading the management through the data to identify the weaknesses and threats.

2.1 SWOT Analysis for Apple Inc.
First of all, Apple Inc. has been recognized as a company in which can manufacture its products perfectly. Also Apple Inc. can satisfy the customer needs. Moreover, Apple is an innovator in which can lead the mobile device technology in the competitive market. The company has a great number of products, such as Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPod, iPad in which has high quality and professional designs. Furthermore, Apple Inc. has strong brand image and high brand loyalty. While the Apple Inc. announced that they would launch their new product, a large number of loyal customers will decide to choose buy the new product whatever the product is. Additionally, Apple has increase in number of retail stores all around the world nowadays.

First and foremost, the high price of Apple product should be one of the weaknesses in which can affect the company future development. There are a number of other companies who setting their price are cheaper than Apple Inc., such as HTC. (David B, Y, Rossano, P 2012) Secondly, the further change in management. Due to the speed development of Apple Inc., the management was often changed as well. Finally, the decreasing market share should be a weakness in which could illustrate the problem the Apple has.

However, the market insufficiency between Apple and its competitors makes like an opportunity, such as do some business transactions with each other. For example, Apple Inc. corporate with other companies in which participate in joint ventures. (David B, Y, Rossano, P 2012) Moreover, the growth of tablet and smartphone market at present, in which can attract more customers to prefer by a smartphone or a tablet. Additionally, the high demand of iPhone and iPad nowadays, also the expansion of retail stores for the consumer convenience are all the opportunities for the Apple Inc.. Threats

The competitors’ companies like Samsung and HTC have been marketing their Android smartphones in the...
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