Apple Inc. Strategic Management

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, ITunes Store Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Case 10: Apple Computer and Steve P. Jobs (2006)
Issue/Problem Identification
1. Apple is known to provide customers with a personal computer revolution that is easy-to-use machine. It was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple was a success at the beginning period of its production due to marketing and technological innovation and the company has invented. Apple grew quickly as the development of the products increases and the revenue continued to grow. Apple’s business strategy is to focus its products on differentiation by providing a unique product that is impossible to clone and charges its products at a premium price. In 1983, Apple faced a difficulty because PC entered the market and was marketing their products at a low price to its consumers taking some of Apple’s consumers. About two years later, Job resigned and John Sculley became the CEO and Chairman of Apple. With Sculley taking over, Apple increased its sales in the 1990s and was selling more personal computers than any other companies until PCs using Microsoft Windows started to dominate the market. In 1997, Job was replaced back as the CEO and brought its products back to success. 2. One of the major overriding issues in this case deals with the management team. The CEO of Apple was continuingly changing. The result of shifting CEO made Apple unstable. The company was successful at the beginning of the business and after a few years when a new CEO took over, it was faced with a couple issues, and the CEO was replaced once again to bring Apple back to the competitive market. Another major issue to the case includes the late filing of the quarterly report. Apple was warned by NASDAQ of their possibly delisting. Because Apple was having difficulty with their options accounting, the company took more time to figure out what to report for their third quarter. Yet, Apple was not the only company that faced this issue. More than 7,300 companies were also faced with the same issue. 3....
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