Apple Inc. Strategy Formulation

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In this project I am going to describe the Strategic and Marketing Plan of Apple Inc, Which is the biggest consumer electronics provider in the world. It provides wide range of consumer electronics in the market like MAC computers, IPOD, I Phone, LAPTOP, IPAD. It has about 49,400 employs and over 240 Retails Store all around the world wide out of it 218 are in US and 24 in UK rest in other countries. I personally think that before studying the strategy of any organization we need to understand the basic of Strategic Management like What Strategic Management is? What is Strategic Management?

Strategic Management is nothing else but plans defined by the management of an organization to achieve a long term goals which are predefined and monitored towards reaching the organization’s goal. The steps that are taken till now are being monitored to make sure that they have been carried out in the most efficient manner possible to achieve organizational predefined goal as described in the mission statement which directs the strategic management process. Definition:

“The on-going process of formulating, implementing and controlling broad plans guide the organizational in achieving the strategic goods given to its internal and external environment” This is an ongoing process which keeps changing according to the circumstances and requirements of the internal and external environments but it keeps moving towards to achieve its predefined organizational goal. Strategic Management is comprised of its three main processes which manager of an organization has been familiar with. These Processes are as given below. 1.Strategy Formulation

2.Strategy Implementation
3.Strategy Evaluation
Strategy Formulation:
Strategy formulation means a strategy formulate to execute the business activities. Strategy formulation Includes developing:- •Vision and Mission (The target of the business)
Strength and weakness (Strong points of business and also weaknesses) •Opportunities and threats (These are related with external environment or the business) Strategy formulation is also concerned about setting long term goals and objectives, generating alternative strategies to achieve that long term goals and choosing particular strategy to pursue. The considerations for the best strategy formulation should be as follows: •Allocation of resources

Business to enter or retain
Business to divest or liquidate
Joint ventures or mergers
Whether to expand or not
Moving into foreign markets
Trying to avoid take over
Strategy Implementation:
Strategy implementation requires a firm to establish annual objectives, devise policies, motivating employees and allocate resources so that formulated strategies can be executed. Strategy implementation includes developing strategy supportive culture, creating an effective organizational structure, redirecting marketing efforts, preparing budgets, developing and utilizing information system and linking employee compensation to organizational performance. Strategy implementation is often called the action stage of strategic management. Implementing means mobilizing employees and managers in order to put formulated strategies into action. It is often considered to be most difficult stage of strategic management. It requires personal discipline, commitment and sacrifice. Strategy formulated but not implemented serve no useful purpose. Strategy evaluation:

Strategy evaluation is the final stage in the strategic management process. Management desperately needs to know when particular strategies are not working well; strategy evaluation is the primary means for obtaining this information. All strategies are subject to future modification because external and internal forces are constantly changing. History Apple Inc:

Apple Inc formerly known as Apple Computer Inc which provides corporate Server, MAC OS Systems and Operating System. Apples core product lines are the iPhone, iPod and...
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