Apple Information Systems

Topics: Apple Inc., Product differentiation, Market Pages: 10 (2528 words) Published: December 9, 2014
This paper would discuss the issue of Managing Information systems in a corporate environment. The issue of information communication within the organization would be studied and how lack of information to the concerned decision makers would impact the overall efficacy of the organization would be brought forward. Finally the learner would conclude by providing recommendations to overcome these issues in an international environment.  The company chosen for this paper is Apple Inc. as information systems in an Information Technology based company would be interesting and highly important to look into. The company has a global presence with manufacturing, assembling, retailing, supply chain management, being the core activities of the company along with the important element of research and development which is the key differentiator for the company in terms of being the leader in the industry in relation to innovation.

Before we go ahead and analyze the issues related to information system, we would first have a brief overview of the company which would enable us to view the overall impact of information systems in the organization and its relevance to the different activities undertaken by the company.   Apple as a company was incorporated on1st April1976 by three persons namely Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald G Wayne. The company received its first order for computers from “Byte Shop Computer Store” for 50 computers. However, the company did not have the financial depth that was required to match the big players of that time like IBM, HP, Atari and Commodore. Luckily, they were able to raise venture capital from Mike Markkula and set up their new corporate HQ in Cupertino, California (New York Times, 2007).   Apple was successful with the next product which was launched and branded as Apple II which was in production for a record amount of time from Apr il1977toNovember 1993. This has been the successful product and created the path way for the growth of the organization and by 1980 the company several thousand employees with a market share of 50% and was selling computer s internationally.  The above factor s created the operational and management hurdles as there was lack of clarity and communication between the different board of directors were focused to bring in efficiency and make the company a stereotypical one was progressively implemented by the new investor sand the new employees which led to a strong divide between the old and new set of employees. In this phase the organization underwent a change from being a functional organization to a product oriented organization. There by segmenting and creating different departments based on product lines like Apple II, Macintosh, Apple III, Lisa, manufacturing, sales and service, human resources, administration, etc., (, 2010).  Let us understand the corporate structure in the organization as that would provide us with an understanding of where the communication gap exists and how the same can be addressed through the effective deployment of management information systems. The company’s core and support activities are listed below for ease of understanding of the functions that are undertaken by the company 1.2 Organisation Structure of Apple The organizational structure at Apple has undergone changes and in its present form it looks as follows:

As can be seen from the above the structure of the organization is flatter and also aligned with the functional roles of the different directors this greatly enhances the control on organizational activities and keeps the focus on the core competencies of the different departments (Hill & Jones, 2004).  This kind of structure creates numerous possibilities for the lower level managers to take initiative and thereby foster company’s strength (BusinessWeek,2004).  The next level of the organization is structured as follows which can be considered as the mid managerial level,...
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