Apple Internal Analysis

Topics: IPod, ITunes Store, Apple Inc. Pages: 4 (1156 words) Published: January 9, 2011
99772012Strengths [list]
 [*] Innovative design
 [*] Product leadership
 [*] Highly influential leader SJ
 [*] Brand recognition
 | Weaknesses * Products are expensive * Reaching saturation (iPOD) * Lack of customization * Many other companies have copied the design of some products, i.e iPhone and it's touch screen * Product recalls (iPhone 4)  

Opportunities * International expansion * Other consumer electronics * Low market share in the personal computer & software space * Revolutionizing another industry (TV) * Reduce price of products, this makes it easier to buy for people with less money * Expand iTunes * Expanding Mobile Gaming Market  | Threats * Strong competitors: HTC, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony... * Changing customer tastes * High price|

•    iTunes Music Store is a excellent source of revenue, especially with the iPod and the accessibility on Windows platform. •    Apple Computer are expert in Developing own software and hardware. •    Apple’s niche audience provides the company with some lagging from the direct price competition. •    Giving a face-lift to desktop and notebook lines.

•    Web technology can be used to improve product awareness and sales. •    Low debt—more maneuverable.
•    Apple Computers have good brand loyalty.
•    Partnership with Intel Computers in 2006 – Present. •    Strong Research & Development Department.
•    Weak relationship with Intel and Microsoft.
•    Weak presence in business arena.
•    The product life cycle of Apple products are very small for that reasons revenues are more depend on launch of new products and  services. •    Weak presence in markets other than education and publishing. •    Slow turn around on high demand products.

•    Apples market share is far behind from major competitor Microsoft. •    In past the relationship between Steve jobs and employee were not good which result in reputation loss. Opportunities...
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