Apple Ipad’s Product Development Approach

Topics: Apple Inc., IPhone, IPhone OS Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Article: “Apple iPad’s Product Development Approach” by Reena Jana. Jan 27th, 2010

IPad tablet is going to be sold in a few days. Apple is placing the new tablet computer in the context of enduring and practical beauty. The iPad is only an example of Apple’s success products. The author concludes three innovation lessons from Apple by various interviews with Apple executives over the years.

1. Consider future applications of current products as they are developed. From Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president for iPod and iPhone marketing, everything the company researches, develops and releases is considered for how the tech and design might be reused in the future. The iPad is an update of the iPhone, hybridized with a laptop. The iPhone was an update of the iPod, hybridized with a mobile phone.

2. Crowd source hype and even ideas about pricing. Apple lets bloggers, fans and journalists fuel the conversation and set expectation, including pricing. Compared to the predictions that the price could cost up to $1,000, the real price starts at $499 is not so expensive.

3. Don’t focus on being the first; focus on being the best. From Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iPhone Software at Apple, suggesting that iPad is poised to simply be the easiest to use on the market. Such as iPod and iPhone, which were not the first product in their field, but they improved on what was on the market from their competitors. The iPad isn’t the first tablet – not even for Apple, as the iPad is clearly a sleeker descendant of the much – maligned Newton. Apple clearly learns from its competitors’ mistakes and not just its own.


From the article, the author analysis the innovations from three parts:consider future applications, crowd source hype and focus on being the best. It presents the customer orientation model and they are able to sustain and generate...
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