Apple Issues

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Personal computer Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: October 20, 2013
With Jobs mission of empowering individuals and leading his vision one person-one computer, Apple succeeded to launch the first version of Apple II in 1977. It was the first computer non-professional people could use right out of the box. Leading to further development and the introducing of the Macintosh in 1984. Apple was very innovative and was leading technology when it came to Graphic User Interfaces. However the main issue why Apple was not globally successful was because of their own saying to want to create the best computers. This lead to a premium price charge which didn’t meet the perception of the customers. Also this lead to kind of isolation of the mass market because their competitor IBM also produced personal computers with Windows as an operating system which was much more compatible to the wide market. Also when it came to compatibility of Software and price performance, Apple couldn’t compete. Software companies for example Adobe mainly developed programs for Windows. With the leaving of Jobs in 1985 Apple had problems with keeping a straight line and a yearly change of CEOs. The solution came again when Jobs returned to Apple making alliances with Microsoft and other companies. As a result companies produced the same software which would be compatible with Mac-Computers. Because of Job’s new experience for example by supporting PIXAR he had new visionaries leading to eh launch of the iPod and for example iTunes. He found new niches in the market, while still working on Mac-Computers until the final launch of the MacBook in 2006 which could run Windows software and Microsoft Office. Consumers could finally use the premium Apple product. Before it was too inconvenient due to incompatibilities. Apple finally managed to increase its Consumer’s Surplus significantly. Jobs tried to connect everything from the iPod to iTunes through the big Music Recording Labels. Customers could feel the added value which justified the high pricing and were proud of...
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