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amirrezakarbakhshravari Why was Dubinsky initially successful? Her first 3 years at apple from July 1981 through the fall of 1984 was ones continuous success with increasing authority and recognition. She refined and formalized the apple product distribution policy. She exactly understood apple situation in market and create a marketing execution funnel that Apple Company didn’t have this system before. She and her group took all apple products from their respective manufacturing sites to the dealers. They improved warehousing, customer service, credit, repair service, order entry, and a technical group to assist dealers. She was risk taker.

Maintained relationship with apple dealers.
Willingly and ably fought for her subordinates and for apple dealers and customers. Focused primarily on her caring and honest relationship with her subordinates, Worked closely with 6 distribution centers across the country, She always supported company decision even if she didn’t agree with it. She always had a company’s interest at heart, she was extremely intelligent, had a great sense of humor, had a good ability in presentation, she was self confident, she was very direct.

How and why did things unravel?
Steve Jobs forced Coleman to do Dubinsky's job and set up a new distribution plan, and it was more than new distribution system. It was a total change in distribution and manufacturing strategy, taking apple from supply-driven to demand-driven and reducing the distribution and warehouse centers from six to zero, it focused only on central processing units, ignoring apple’s other products, there was no provision for customer complaints and product returns; it was inconvenient for dealers who would be required to split their request between the two product divisions and their respective directors of manufacturing.

How did Dubinsky react and why?
It was unfair from the side of Dubinsky because it should have been his job to prepare a new system for distribution if required. She found the wrong parts in the distribution plan of Coleman but she could not persuade others to change the company marketing strategy and they did not give her a chance to change or improve that. It’s obvious that she took an emotional decision. But she decided and made an ultimatum: if Campbell did not agree to her terms, she would leave apple. And after that she wrote her letter of resignation, she told weaver about her ultimatum.

How should she and others at apple handle the circumstances differently? Steve Jobs was forcing Coleman to do Dubinsky's job and set up a new distribution plan, and Jobs was doing that because he could make Coleman think in Job’s way, since he was working in Jobs division as director of manufacturing. But that was unfair from the side of Dubinsky because it should have been his job to prepare a new system for distribution if required, since she was responsible for distribution. In that situation, we cannot blame Dubinsky for getting offended; but on the other hand, it's obvious that she took an emotional decision. She should have acted more professionally. She had already found the wrong parts in the distribution plan of Coleman. Other then criticizing, she should have spent her time on setting up another and new distribution plan. It is obvious that, Apple could reduce its costs with a new distribution system, so that, change was required and it would be done somehow. She could have harmonized the system that Apple was already using and the system which was proposed by Coleman. It seems like some of the products that Apple manufactured were not suitable for the Just-in-time distribution system, and some of them were suitable. So they could use just-in-time system for some products, but also use the existing distribution system for the required products. That could reduce the number of warehouses...
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