Apple Marketing Mix

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International Marketing SID No: 1241835

The product name Apple was originated from two mutual interests‟ friends Steve Jobs andSteve Wozniak. The development of the company in the 1070s “Apple” was a step ahead of most computers of the time featuring a use of television as a display system of watching and acassette interface for listening and recording programs. Apple Inc. is mainly a special design, amarket mobile for media and communication device personal hands computer, digital musicplayer, and the production and sells of variety of software, networking, service and maintenanceand other digital applications.However, The Company also sells and delivers kinds of digital applications such as iPhone,iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple TV and a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications.The Apple Company also sells its products worldwide through its retail stores, direct onlinestores, and direct sales force, as well as through the third-party cellular network, wholesalersand retailers. Apple Company offer a variety of mobile devices, personal computers (Desktop and Laptop),modern digital music players and others variety of different software, networking and generalservices. In addition, the company has its own company software products including, thecompany mobile operating system, and the Company‟s proprietary

Operating system softwarefor the Mac; server software and application software for consumer, together with education,initiative and government customers. The value of Apple‟s brand increased by 129% in the past year, from about $33 billion in 2011 to $76 billion this year,

according to iInterbrand‟s
Global brand Rankings 2012. The company iseveryday increasing year by year and the high record among company‟s grade.

International Marketing SID No: 1241835

Figure: 1(Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, Nov. 5, 201 Basically, the market expanded by as much as 49% and a major portion of the new market of the products Samsung. Annually, Samsung‟

s have surged by a whopping 325%, up from 1.2million units
in 2011 to 5.1

million units in the newly
concluded area. This $199 worth 7-inchtablets were hot sellers and forced Apple to consider the idea of launching a smaller tablet.Compared to 2012, the shipment volume of Kindle almost reached twice to 2.5 million units. APPLE Inc. MARKETING MIX

Marketing Mix is the combination of four elem
ents, called the 4P‟s (Price, Products, Place and
Promotion), that all company has the choice of weather to add, subtract or to modify in a way togenerate a desired marketing strategy. (Philip Kotler). Marketing Mix are the set of tacticalmarketing tools which comprise of Price, Products, Place and Promotion that the firm blends toproduce the response it wants in the target market. (Principles of Marketing, Kotler and Armstrong, 2012)

International Marketing SID No: 1241835

The four (4) classifications are as follows: product, place, price and promotion are commonly called the “four p‟s.” Note
are also that the client is not part of, but rather are the main target of the marketing mix (Perreault, Jr. & McCarthy, 2009). PRODUCT
Armstrong and Kotler define product as “anything that can be offered to a market for theattention, acquisition or consumption
that might satisfy a want or need” (Armstrong & Kotler,
2005, p. 223). Apple Inc. Company is utilizing the iPod ecosystem to leverage the iPhonethereby supporting its online music system. The main display of PC based websites with thesame display made this product different from one another. ( O‟grady

, 2007).The company is utilizing the iPod ecosystem to leverage the iPhone thereby supporting itsonline music system. The display of PC created websites with same display made this product different from others. (O‟grady, 2007).

Many companies fail to...
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