Apple Promotional Strategy

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Apple Ipad’s carefully choreographed PR Campaign:
Rumors for close to two years about an Apple tablet device. Little tidbits, like filings for obvious Apple-style names like iTablet, left sitting for reporters to pick up, but with no direct trace back to Apple, which increased curiosity and coverage. Rumors about which content companies were partnering with Apple started to arise, and such rumors are often a result of Apple’s own planting. The press started finding details about a meeting location Apple had set up that sounded in line with a product announcement. Finally the announcement came to a packed house, with an amazing amount of coverage and hype. There were rumors that parts shortages were going to keep Apple from releasing the product on time. Eventually Foxconn, Apple’s contract manufacturing partner, denied them. The shipping date slipped from late March to early April. By using this whole method of mystery and scarcity Apple are creating this whole desire to have this product. The Ipad is a new product even for Apple and the feedback so far has been sort of very vague and therefore Apple have been encouraging for each store to encourage pre orders and using this whole method of anticipation of the consumer and forcing them to make a decision to either purchase now or miss out. It does seem to have worked because Apple has been selling 25,000 Apple Ipad’s per hour. The shortage in stores was also a method of improving PR for the product, many numbers of articles were written about the Apple Ipad being sold out, the quantities sold were not all that significant but the shortage was highlighted in order to create more desire for the customers. For Example:

iPad: Sold out at John Lewis already?
Retailer struggling with demand
The DSG group's 6 week exclusivity period for the iPad might be up - but that doesn't mean that you're likely to be able to buy one from any other retailer than the ones that had the tablet from launch. John Lewis went live with its iPad offerings just a day ago, and already there are suggestions that the retailer has already sold its initial stock. A quick look on John Lewis' website shows that the only two models advertised as being available are the two 64GB varieties - all of the others have a note underneath saying "Email me when in stock". The 64GB versions are listed as "More than 10" available, which doesn't sound too promising - we recommend getting in quick if you really have a burning desire to get an iPadfrom John Lewis. Of course, you could always just pop into the Apple Store, Currys, PC World or Best Buy. Or get one online from Apple. It's the same tablet on sale after all - although you won't get that smug satisfaction you get with John Lewis. The world’s tallest couple arrived to the launch of the Apple Ipad in the UK and they brought along with them the Guinness World Record staff to promote a record-recording app. Another PR stunt used by Apple to promote the Apple Ipad. The apple Ipad was also limited to 2 units per customer.

Apple I pad Promotional Strategies:
Apple is now offering free iPad engraving from its online store, allowing customers to add a personal touch to the tablet in time for the holidays.

Apple will allow up to 2 lines of free engraved text on the back of an iPad purchased from as an "Apple Online Store exclusive," confirming a July rumor that Apple would extend its free laser-engraving option from the iPod to the iPad this fall. Custom engraved iPods have been available from the Apple online store for several years.

Customers are given the option to engrave their iPad after selecting an iPad model and any desired accessories from the online store. Engraved iPads are non-returnable, so prospective buyers are cautioned to double-check their spelling.

Also, customers should take note that adding the engraving option currently lengthens the...
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