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26 October 2014

Apple Vs Samsung Apple and Samsung are the two biggest electronic companies. Combined, they make up over half the electronic and smart phone market. Every year they come up with brilliant innovations in their phones, TVs, computers, and many more. Apple is a multinational corporation founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Samsung is a South Korean multinational corporation founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul. Surprisingly, Samsung started out as a fruit distributor, then a retail and insurance agency, and later becoming one of the leading companies in electronics. The arguments between the two leading companies could go on forever, but some people might change their minds after comparing and contrasting the two. Comparing and contrasting Apple to Samsung’s smart phones is almost too easy. The iPhone and the Galaxy are the most widely known rivalries in the mobile business. The design of the two phones have its similarities and its differences. The iPhone is very sleek and sophisticated look. Apple makes the design look as expensive as it is, While Most of Samsung phones are more bulky and made of plastic. Samsung does have amazing phones, for example the latest phone Galaxy S5. With a very smooth and glossy finish and rounded edges, it’s a very practical design. The Galaxy’s look compares to the iPhone tremendously. They both have screens as big as the phone without a keyboard. The only major difference with the two phones design is that the iPhone has one home button under the screen, while the galaxy has three buttons that are touch under the screen.

Another very debatable department in the Two companies smart phones is the display. The display is the phone’s screen resolution and quality. The iPhone has a screen of 4” while the galaxy has a 5” screen. When...
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