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Assignment 4
Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR (3HRC)
When you have completed your assignment, please submit it below and remember to include your cover sheet as page one, with all information including the candidate declaration. Without this information your assignment cannot be marked. 
This assignment is designed to assess the following learning outcomes: Understand the purpose of an organisation and its operating environment Understand the structure, culture and functions of an organisationUnderstand how HR/L&D activities support an organisation. Tasks
This unit is assessed by three short assessments. Please complete ALL three tasks and only then send to your ICS tutor for marking. Task 1 Choose an organisation of interest to you and answer the following (500 words): Identify the organisation and give a brief description of it Describe the products/services of that organisationIdentify the customers and define their needs Describe the purpose, goals, targets and financial structure of the organisationUse the PESTLE approach to identify a minimum of 4 external factors, including legal and regulatory frameworks, and explain their impact on that organisation. Task 2 Answer the following for the organisation you have chosen (500 words): Describe the structure and at least 4 functions of the organisationExplain how the different functions work together to optimise performance Explain the culture of the organisation and at least two ways in which it affects its operation. Task 3 Now answer the following (500 words):

Identify at least three ways in which HRM/L&D activities support an organisation in meeting its goals and business objectives Identify at least three ways in which HRM and L&D professionals support line managers and their staff. Task 1

Apple Inc. is a global corporation with its headquarters based in Cupertino, California. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne established the company in 1976. It is well known for...
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