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Apple Inc. Analysis & Strategic Management
Strategic management is the process by which an organization drafts, implements and evaluates cross-functional decisions that enable the organization to achieve its long-term objectives. It entails the process of specifying the mission of the organization, its vision, objectives and the development of the various strategies to achieve the objectives of the organization. Apple Inc. (Apple) has managed to create substantial value in the highly competitive personal computer industry, by innovating and forging a path considerably different from those of the largest competitors in the industry. The corporation also successfully differentiates its products from those of the competitors by choosing to focus on quality, design elegance, and superior customer service, while outsourcing actual manufacturing to trusted original equipment manufacturers. Yet, despite the advantages, Apple has created for itself, the stiff competition within the industry and other external factors present formidable challenges to the firm. The personal computer/notebook market is becoming increasingly commoditized, leading to intense rivalry among competitors within the industry, driving prices down and creating potentially destructive price wars (Buy, 2009). Utilizing key resources and capabilities including industry-leading design teams, talented software and hardware engineers, backed by a sizeable research and development budget, which is responsible for a portfolio of thousands of patents, and under the strategically brilliant stewardship of CEO Steve Jobs, Apple has successfully innovated its way to a comfortable market position commanding premium prices. Unfortunately, Apple cannot rest on its laurels. The position is not permanent and Apple must continually find new ways to maintain profits and create value for customers and shareholders. The maturing personal computer market is becoming saturated, leaving fewer new buyers and more replacement buyers. To continue to grow, Apple must also look to new and expanding markets as sources of revenue (Jade, 2006). After considering Apple’s strategic war, Apple’s core competencies, key resources, and capabilities and given its current situation within the industry and the compounding factors in the form of trends from the general environment, it is clear Apple stands to create considerable value through continued related diversification. The firm’s history of category-defining products like the iPod and iPhone and now the ipad provide sufficient evidence that it is well equipped to continue its path of innovation, by creating a digital lifestyle convergence devices that bridge users’ on their digital lives. The proposed device will be powerful and feature packed, while leveraging the Apple system of seamless integration to create a compelling user experience, presented in an elegant package showcasing the firm’s industry-leading industrial design capabilities, to create the next must-have consumer electronics product. Study objectives

This study focuses on the strategic management of Apple Inc. This involves the analysis of apples strategies; the corporation operates in portable personal computer industry as well as mobile phones and software. The company sells its products internationally through a mix of direct sales, online and retail stores as well as wholesale and retail sales. The company pursues a differentiation strategy that is broad. This study will evaluate its strategies that have lead to its success in market leadership. Company and industry background

Apple Inc.
This multinational corporation operates in the U.S. the company designs and manufactures computer electronics, computer software and personal computers. Some of the manufactured products of the company include Macintosh computers, ipod, iphones, Mac OS X operating system among many other products. The company was established in 1976 in California. The company changed its...

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