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7 Supply Chain Lessons from Steve Jobs Apple Inc is regarded as the best company in the world for its cutting-edge supply chain management practices. What's the secret behind its success? This article will explain to you what we can learn from the co-founder of the company. Apple Inside Nutshell It goes without saying that Apple Inc is famous for its strengths in the product design, product development, branding and marketing strategy. When it comes to supply chain management practices, many people believe that its supply chain model and sophisticated software system are the secret weapons that help them maintain the market leadership. In April 2012 (six months after Jobs's death), Harvard Business Review published the article called "The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs". The author of this article is Walter Isaacson who helped Steve Jobs completed his best-selling biography. Isaacson identifies the practices that he believes people should learn. Even though it's about business management in general, the article contains some interesting aspects about supply chain management as below, Seven Supply Chain Lessons 1) Customer comes first, cost cutting comes second: the philosophy of product development at Apple is to build "insanely great" products that customer wants to buy. Simply put, Jobs pursued the differentiation or value creation strategy. And when the whole supply chain takes actions in sync with this strategy, the success is phenomenal! During 1983 to 1993 when Jobs didn't take the helm of the company, the cost reduction/profit maximization strategy was the primary strategy which resulted in the downward spiral. 2) Set impossible target: when Jobs decided that he wanted the face of iphone to be the scratchproof glass, he turned to Corning who developed the technology called "Gorilla Glass" but it's just a prototype in R&D lab. Jobs indicated clearly that he wanted a major shipment of Gorilla Glass within 6 six weeks which was beyond the capability of...
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