Apple Swot Analysis-Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats

Topics: Apple Inc., IPhone, Steve Jobs Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: June 6, 2011
* Reputable brand: Apple is by far one of the most profitable technology innovators to date. Apple outsells MP3 players and iMac notebook computers more than any other manufacturer. So far in quarter one of 2010, Apple has already gained revenue of $3.38 billion. Apples products are known to last far longer than other manufacturers products. Apple really knows how to keep their company growing with happy consumers. * Customer loyalty: Apple has gained and retained its customers over its newly innovated structure since 2005-present. Apple not only provides complete solutions, where you can buy everything inclusive through their website, store, iTunes, but also provides varied products. Apple is currently in the market of media involving music with the most popularly known iPod and iTunes, computer with the iMac, and phone with the iPhone. Customers enjoy Apple so much because they have the same consistency in the architecture and programming of their products, as well as their attractiveness and appealing design to distinguish Apple from other products. * Incentives and Community: By selling Apple products to schools and universities, Apple turns classrooms into showrooms. Apple is very heavily used in universities and schools, creating awareness and gaining customers at a young age that will last a lifetime for most. Gaining these customers at an early stage is crucial for the future of Apple. Also, Apple throws incentives for students such as a free iPod with purchase of an iMac or free iTunes giftcard with purchase of an iPod.

* Price: Apple products are far from inexpensive. In fact, their products are the most expensive in its class (i.e. notebook computers, MP3, cell phone). These prices could possibly refrain potential consumers from entering the world of apple. Apple needs these customers to experience their products to further the growth of its company. * Defects: Like most technology, there will be defects. Most...

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