Apple vs. Android: Buyer Behavior

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Mobile Products: Apple vs. Android
Description of the Brands
Even though Apple clearly doesn’t have the best products in the market, mainly because of how restricted their software is, they have still developed an incredible customer loyalty, positioning themselves on the top mobile software sellers. Apple has achieved this by ensuring their customers they will get the “Apple quality.” Their products our known for their durability and lasting power. Apple products tend to be known as very standard. They all have the same/similar software all across, and with every update, the customers can’t expect big changes. When a consumer get san apple product, he or she knows it can’t be customized. Apple contradicts the limited-customization by offering compatibility across all Apple products. For example, if a customer has an iPhone and an iPad, the content on those products will automatically update across both products. Apple is a brand. Anybody that owns an Apple product is immediately considered as hip, it gives status. If you need to buy an Apple product you would probably go to an Apple store or the Apple website, even though they have their products available at other electronic stores such as Best Buy and phone companies such as AT&T and Verizon. They do a great job with aesthetic and consistency as shown in the pictures below. Apple keeps the same colors across their motor-brick and online stores (white, silver and black). In addition, all Apple products follow the same aesthetic: elegant, shiny and sleek.

In the opposite spectrum of brand identity, we can find the Android brand. This is not a consistent brand all across because the software is owned by many different phone companies, the most popular being Samsung and HTC. Android is all about flexibility, independency and customization. Developers have a hand in the development of the Droid software. Customers can customize their phones however they want to, making them more...
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