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March 25, 2013
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DATE: March 25, 2013
TO: Timothy Morris
FROM: Debra Aguilar, Brady Benton, Karena Busch, Stephanie Hudson, and Rachel Wichert

RE: Apples Eat Themselves


A review of the legal battles between Apple, a computer company and Apple, a record company, are discussed in this article. Both share a similar logo (an apple) and since 1991, the companies have gone to court to claim the Apple logo should only be unique to one company. In 1991 the Court agreed for each company to continue to use the Apple logo but now, the record company has accused the computer company of not conforming to the terms of the agreement. In 1980, George Harrison noticed an apple in an ad for computers. He thought this infringed upon Apple, the Beatles Record company trademark and filed suit. In 1981, Apple Computer agreed to stay out of the music business. In 1991, Apple Corp. filed suit against Apple Computer for trademark infringement again and settled out of court for 26.5 million dollars. The two companies divided up the apple universe, indicating where each could use the apple symbol. In 2001, Apple Computer introduced online iTunes Music Store which had a huge impact on the music retail industry. In 2003, Apple Corp. again sued Apple Computer stating music was being stolen from them. Apple Computer was protected because downloads of music are comprised of digital data, and the distribution of digital entertainment content is permitted in the 1991 agreement. Apple computer, now looking from the other side of the dispute, may have issues protecting its own trademark because of current legal action that would force them to share copyright protection software with other companies. The Computer Giant would be forced to make downloads sold on their site playable on any device, not just its...

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