Arab Spring and the French Revolution

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French Revolution and the Arab Spring Essay

Essay Prompt: To what extent does the French Revolution reflect the recent conflicts seen within the Arab Spring?
Note: Consider the following themes:
* Short-term and long-term causes
* Popular Revolts
* Voice of the People – leaders, writings, media and symbols * Shifts in Power
* International Interventions
* Religious Repercussions

Research links/News Articles:

Middle East Region -,9171,2050032,00.html

Middle East Region -,9171,2050022,00.html

Egypt -,8599,2047006,00.html

Egypt -,8816,2105118,00.html#

Egypt -


Libya -

Libya -,8599,2107024,00.html

Syria -

Syria -

Syria - syria-war-threatening-region/

video (if you are interested):,32068,764257619001_2044755,00.html,32068,778921462001_2046567,00.html,32068,790185053001_2049508,00.html,32068,756243856001_2043530,00.html

Prepare (Collect data, formulate an argument, organize your material, memorize) Perform (Exceptionally put your ideas to paper)
Prosper (Reap the rewards of your preparation and performance)

The essay must include the following:

Introduction paragraph (5 points)

* First sentence is a quote used to “hook” the reader * You need to “in-text cite” the source of the quote * Then at least three sentences of French Revolution, Arab Spring background/historical context that sets up the thesis * Utilize facts from the French Revolution and Arab Spring * DO NOT WRITE A THESIS INTRODUCTION (Meaning: don’t respond to the prompt in the first four sentences)

Thesis (15 points)

* A sophisticated, insightful, crystal clear thesis that states your argument and “drives” your essay * Thesis makes a claim that is analytical answering “why” or “How” (Hint: use the word “because”) * The thesis is the last sentence of the Introduction but is linked to each body paragraph topic (Claim) sentence

Body Paragraphs Claim/Evidence (10 points)

* Each topic (Claim) sentence must link to the Thesis otherwise I won’t read the paragraph; therefore no checks! * Each topic sentence must be supported with evidence from resources (utilizing details/facts—Characters, Setting, Plot, Quotes…Do Not Generalize!!!) * A good rule of thumb is that each topic sentence (body paragraph) is supported with three evidences.

Body Warrant/Analysis (10 points)

* Include creative and thoughtful analysis
* Make sense of FR/Prompt by stating something interesting and unique * Utilize “Big Idea” terms in your paragraphs (Analogy, Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, Foreshadowing, Irony, “Nothing New Under the Sun”, Paradox, “Turning Points”) * Explain the “Big Ideas” thoughtfully and completely

Conclusion paragraph (5 points)

* Wrap the essay up with a conclusion that restates the main points of your essay * Do not include a new argument to the conclusion
* Say something interesting: Leave me in awe, impressed; move my heart and mind!

Mechanics/ MLA Requirements (10 points)

* Excellent sentence structure, grammar and punctuation
* The paper fulfills all MLA requirements (see...

Citations: are double spaced _____
* Hanging Indent [second line of citation is indented] _____
* Entries end with period _____
* Resources are listed in alphabetical order [Author’s last _____ name first…if no Author is given (for example website) list by title of article]
* All book titles are italicized _____
* Work Cited Page includes three (minimum) _____
* Textbook
* At least two of the sources I provided
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