Argumentative Essay on Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Prison Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: March 6, 2013
The Efficacy in Ceasing Regulated Impalements
In a democracy, our legislatives have constructed a seemingly rational system of punishment to restrict the frowned upon impulses of the irrational. This form of capital punishment, even when touching opposite extremities of the spectrum, is generally accepted by a society readily seeking justice. However, it is within those extremities that controversy has brewed all throughout America. The most common inquiry never fails to be composed of the following, "Should execution remain a form of punishment?" The response, being so diverse, sweeps its way through our homes as its law continues to accentuate itself by determining the future of our fellow neighbors, colleagues, and family. Execution, by any sort of means, should be abolished. My reason for stating so is not ignorant. For my acumen surpasses that of the court's conclusion of "justice". I've found the irony in such a decision with the aid of a fellow intellectual being whom I prefer to quote verbatim due to the immeasurable amount wisdom held within the limit of a few phrases, "Why do people kill people, who kill people? To show people, that to kill people, is bad?"

What must first be taken into consideration is the perspective of the common citizen who is affected by the courts implementation of the aforementioned death sentence. In particular, the death of those who have committed such crimes "worthy" of their horrendous sentence, but were too young to reason correctly. When most consider the affects of this law, they illustrate a photo in which only the life of adults, that they feel should Guajardo 2

have collected enough knowledge throughout their life span to situate right and wrong into their proper perspectives, is touched by these edicts. However, documents show there have been fifteen year olds who have received the death penalty on guilty charges and fulfilled the courts punishment to its extent. A teenager is a child, learning from mishaps...
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