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•For this project you will fully research a modern artist from Art: 21 and make a connection between their work and at least one artist from the past (prior to 1945) who you have learned about in our text book. Your modern artist will be someone from the PBS series Art:21 Follow this link and click on the “artists” tab. Choose an artist you have a strong reaction to and who interests you. •So, to be clear, you are focusing on a modern artist but linking them to an artist from the past. Therefore, you should be researching both of them. Spend time not only reading about the artworks but analyzing them. Look at all of the details, elements and components of the work and explain formal aspects of the works (subject matter and content as well as composition, color, style, medium, shapes, etc.). In addition to a visual description, you should also discuss the intentions of the artists. Consider what your modern artist is making art about (concept) and the style. Look to your book and think about what artists from history might be a source of influence for your chosen artist. This will be the foundations for your thesis (main idea). In the introduction of your paper, you should introduce your modern artist from Art: 21 and in your thesis you should include the artist from the past and identify the influence. This thesis should be investigated and referred to all the way through your paper. •See how writers and researches have described and analyzed the works. Also, what artists do other researchers claim are a source of influence for your artist? State the various theories and suggestions. Read interviews and statements made directly from your artist(s). Who do they claim has influenced them? How so? Describe this and point to specific examples in the various works. Maybe you can find video interviews. Be sure to include in text citations to document your resources and claims properly. In order to fully consider all aspects of the work, you...
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