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Read the Colorado Peace Ride case. You will use the case as the basis of this assignment, which is a significant portion of this week’s classes. You will use the entire market research process. Note that this is an individual assignment. Bullet point answers are fine for each element.

Problem Definition/Purpose of the Research – state clearly what you define as the goal of the research. What questions should be answered? What outcomes should be provided? It might help to think of the issues from the information user’s point of view. In other words, if you were Isabelle Stone, the manager who wants information about charity bike rides, what would you want to know?

Plan the Research – What type[s] of information will you use? Primary? Secondary? What forms of research do you think would be most useful and why? How much information is enough information? What contact methods would you use?

Performance of the Research – In addition to the data provided, you should find at least 3 additional sources of information [make sure to cite those sources!]. List the basic information you took from those sources.

Processing the Research – Analyze both the case data and the information you have selected and draw your conclusions. You may need to interpret the data – i.e., don’t just restate the information from the case, tell the reader what it means. Again, keep in mind that, as marketing research manager you need to consider the manager receiving this information, what would s/he need to know? In discussing your results, make sure to cite your sources (parenthetical cites are fine) and make explicit assumptions you made about the information in order to draw a conclusion.

Preparation of the ‘Final Report’ – The final report should include summarize both the process and your conclusions from your research and any biases or issues that you see with the conclusions. The conclusions should address the issues you defined as a problem....
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