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Assessment Coding
Assessment for this unit of competency is based on competency based grading.  Assessments are weighted and your assessment will be marked with a percentage and grade. Grades applied to assessment in this unit of competency are:

Competency Not Achieved (CNA)
Competency achieved – graded (CAG)
Competent with Credit (CC)
Competent with Distinction (CDI)
Competent with High Distinction (CHD)

Any re-assessment is conducted as soon as practicable after you have been informed of the requirement to be re-assessed and have been given the opportunity to be re-trained and assimilate the training. You are re-assessed only in the areas your assessor deems that you have not met the required standard. It is at the assessor/s discretion to re-assess the entire assessment should it be demonstrated an overall understanding of this unit has not been achieved.

I acknowledge the assessment process has been explained and agree to undertake assessment. I am aware of Careers Australia’s appeals process, should the need arise. I also understand that I must be assessed as ‘satisfactory’ in all parts of the assessment to gain a competent result for this unit of competency. I declare that the work contained in this assessment is my own, except where acknowledgement of sources is made. I understand that a person found responsible for academic misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action (refer to student handbook).

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Assignment – Case Studies
Assessment Weight - 100 %
Due Date: As per assessment schedule


Please read the two (2) scenarios and answer all questions.

Answers are to be presented academically using Harvard referencing style.

In-text reference must be included.

A reference list must be included in the last page of your assessment.

See individual questions for guide to the word count. This should not be exceeded by more than 10%.

Marks are allocated to each question for general description (see marking criteria for this assignment).

This assignment will be marked as per the following written assessment marking guide

General description
Correctly interprets question/task
Comprehensive and thorough discussion of all requirements
Demonstrates understanding of important requirements
(see marks
allocated to each question)
Reading & research
Identify, analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources

10% (overall)
As per Referencing Guide (Harvard system)

10% (overall)
Clearly conveys concepts. Spelling grammar, punctuation and logical structure.

10% (overall)
100% (overall)

Please answer all questions

Case Study 1. ( 35 marks)

Linda, a 58 year old female, has presented to her General Practitioner (GP) with a persistent, productive cough with dyspnoea on exertion. She has noted that this cough has been present for over three weeks. The GP has suggested that Linda go to hospital and receive further tests for the presenting symptoms. An initial assessment is performed upon Linda’s admission to hospital. She states that her legs are swollen because she has not been able to lie down to sleep and has been sleeping on a chair for the last three weeks. She has an untidy appearance, is not well groomed and is slightly lean for her height, despite reporting recent weight gain.

Past medical history includes: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (emphysema), hypertension and chronic heart failure. Linda had been smoking two packs of cigarettes a day for 30 years but has cut down to four cigarettes a day for the last two years. She currently lives alone in a unit and has a...
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