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EDEE328 Assessment 1: Annotated bibliography










Due date:

Friday 27 March 2015



Word limit:

1500 words (excluding references)

The teaching of literacy in the 21st Century is a complex undertaking for primary teachers. The task and readings below are designed to give you some idea of the challenges that you will face in the primary school literacy classroom. Consider how these readings contribute to your understanding of this task

Your task is to write an annotated bibliography that provides a brief overview of literature on the topic above. You are required to summarise the content of 5 sources (4 Essential readings listed below, and 1 Additional reading), and assess the value of each source for addressing the above topic.

In your assignment,
1. Briefly introduce the topic that the sources cover (Approximately 150 words). 2. The main part of your assignment should consist of your bibliographic entries, listed in alphabetical order. Include 5 entries: 4 essential readings listed below; and 1 relevant reading of your own choice (approximately 250 words per entry). Each entry should consist of:







The full reference for the source, written in APA style


The annotation, which includes:

A short statement which identifies the focus or purpose of the author;


A short summary of the theory, research findings or arguments presented by the author;


Brief comments on the usefulness and/or limitations of the source for addressing the topic.






3. Write a brief conclusion which summarises the key issues that have emerged in your reading and thinking about the topic, and how they relate to teaching practice (Approximately 150 words).
As future teachers, you must demonstrate a high standard of personal...
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