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Assignment 9: Draft Review
Two Questions and a Draft

Assignment Instructions

Create a draft of your final paper utilizing your topic Linear Outline or Mind Map, your Title Page, and your Reference Page assignments. Submit the draft of your final paper for a brief instructor review. Instructors will use a general checklist in feedback to indicate where additional work is needed for your paper. To assist you in your learning and academic success, students are to submit two specific questions that you would like to pose to your instructor for detailed feedback.

Students may submit up to two questions for instructor review and feedback. Please ensure to create very specific questions and provide detailed information in your question such as location in the paper or request for review of a particular section (i.e. Introduction, paper format, APA style, or in-text citations). Feedback received from the instructor should be considered and incorporated into the final paper for submission during Week 8. Prior feedback from the Title Page assignment and the Reference Page assignment should already be integrated by the student into the Draft Review assignment before submission.

Examples of questions: Please review my use of in-text citations in the draft paper and provide guidance; Please review my use of the paper template and provide direction; Please assess my introduction; Please provide guidance on my use of sources and resources in the draft.

Students – please note that this is a cursory review of the draft of your final paper and your goal is to continue to improve your work. The APUS Library provides the Mini-OWL (Online Writing Lab) and for assistance with college level essay writing, research, and APA formatting Utilize all resources and opportunities for your academic success in this and future classes.

NOTE: As your document is a draft, it has not yet been submitted to...
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