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Assignment Guidance

For each assignment, you must include:

A cover sheet: fully completed with correct information – this must be Page 1 of your document Academic referencing using the Harvard System
A complete Bibliography and Reference list at the end of the assignment

The assignment must be submitted as ONE document only - multiple documents are not allowed.

The assignment must be a Word Document. No other file format is acceptable.

As per CIPD regulations, drafts assignments are not permitted.

The word limit stated on your assignment brief is flexible by plus or minus 10% only. If you are out with these parameters then your assignment will be automatically failed.

The above details are required for both Internal and External Verification purposes so it is imperative that your assignment is submitted with all of the above.

The cover sheet was sent to you by email at the start of your studies. If you do not have a copy of this, please contact your mentor to request the template. If your assignments are submitted without cover sheets your work may not be put forward for Internal or External Verification in time. This will result in your Certificate being delayed.

When submitting your assignments please ensure all details on the cover sheet are completed in full. If any information is left incomplete or is incorrect your assignment may not be marked. Please remember to update the submission date and word count for any resubmissions.

Please ensure that your assignment is one document only; multiple attachments will not be accepted. Please note your assignment cover sheet, appendices, and bibliography etc must be submitted in the same document. Your assignment must be a Word Document no other file format is acceptable.

For information on referencing and the bibliography please refer to your Student Handbook. At this level of study it is imperative that academic referencing and a bibliography are included with each...
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