At the "Core" of Technology

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Wesleigh Byrd
Mr. Holloway
Composition 11
8 March 2013
At the “Core” of Technology

Traveling backwards along the timeline of how technology has impacted the

day-to-day responsibilities of life can seem archaic to most. For quite a few years offices thought of the fax machine as the most expeditious way of transferring information, namely documents. This process of “sending” information often created frustrating scenarios resulting in a loss of time. A fax machine would have to share occupied phone lines, raising the chances of the fax being intercepted and resulting in many delayed fax messages. If the phone lines were not working, then neither were the fax machines. When the first computers were released they were extremely appealing, yet confusing to the majority of people. However, the ability to store information and make changes without wasting paper seemed extremely advantageous to society. Almost all appointments and office duties arranged by offices were organized by phone. This allowed secretaries to accomplish only one task at a time. Formerly if a student wanted to have a paper formerly typed, the whole document would need to be carefully hand written and checked for errors before starting. This was due to the fact that there was no “delete” button to correct misspelled words on a typewriterʼs keytop. Typewriters were unable to produce more than two copies of the same paper and had little formatting alternatives (Copley). When wanting to get in touch with distant loved ones that did not live nearby, a person could only write a letter or make a telephone call to speak with


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them. Even though written letters were still sentimental, they could take days to arrive at their assigned destination. Telephone calls were meaningful, however the thought of getting to see the face of someone while having the phone call was a possibility never imagined. Little did the world know that all of these dilemmas and many more, would be solved in a unique way by the diligence of a single technology corporation. Since the invention and rise of Apple, the company has had an extensive affect on humans educationally, economically and socially.


In the world of education, Apple has and continues to provide support for

students as they pursue a successful future. This conception is being echoed by several schools in the United States and around the world. Richmond Intermediate School (in Virgina) was named an “Apple Distinguished School” by Apple Inc. for the 2012-2013 school year, for its integration of the iPad into the classroom. "A major component of our curriculum is developing in our students the twenty-first century skills they will need to succeed beyond the classroom," said Rosa Ascharya, principal of Richmond Intermediate School (“News briefs”). Educators all over the world are now able to use the same kinds of curriculum to help deliver skills that are beneficial to anyone wanting to learn, not just younger students. Teachers are preferring them for numerous reasons such as its portability, long lasting battery life, and predilection of use (particularly for younger students and students with disabilities). In 2007, iTunes U was unveiled by Apple as a channel on its media-player computer program. This program was devoted to housing academic resources from colleges and other scholastic associations. California and Texas made iTunes U channels for kindergarten through twelfth grade content last year. Due to the educational apps. that have been made available to


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people, teachers have begun starting to permit iPhones as apart of daily classroom activities (Quillen). All students have a large variety of gifts and passions which are being widely furthered by the use of Apple inventions. Areas such as design classes, math and science labs, and student newspapers have benefited from the opportunities these devices provide. Furthermore, people with different occupations can...
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