Attack Prevention Paper

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Attack Prevention Paper

Attack Prevention Paper
The article I chose to evaluate was an article by Student Pulse called Cyber Attack Prevention For The Home User: How To Prevent A Cyber Attack. The article as a whole is very well put together, the author uses three separate references that back up each section that the author uses as points in his article. The author starts his article with a statement. according to Damico  (2013), "CyberMedia states that 86% of all attacks are aimed at home users (2006). As attacks on home users increase, new techniques are surfacing, including the use of malicious code to attack web browsers and desktop applications."  (para. 2). This starting statement allows for the reader to be pulled into the article. The target audience is used for people that are living at home. This statement allows for them to feel like they are at risk and are intrigued at learning how to prevent cyber attacks. The author next informs the reader of a simple way to help themselves better secure their computer in the simplest of ways. According to Damico  (2013), "Routers and firewalls can help control access to a home computer, but more specific steps may be utilized." (para. 4). By utilizing firewalls and routers the reader can help their personal security in the simplest ways. Next the author gives helpful incite to the reader by defining key terms in the readers personal network. According to Damico  (2013), "A detection system may detect suspicious activity, but where is the protection from fast acting attacks? A prevention system must identify and stop malicious attacks before they do damage and have a chance to infect a system." (para. 5). This information helps the user better decide what system to use and which is best for them. Finally the author informs the reader on how to prevent cyber attacks in the most helpful of ways. According to Damico  (2013), " To increase security of the home computer, the home user can take a few relatively...

Citations: Damico, T. M. (2013). Student Pulse. Retrieved from
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