Topics: Citation, The Chicago Manual of Style, APA style Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: July 7, 2013
Awareness of Walden University Resources & Guidelines
Ashley Gardner
Walden University

Becky Yard
Teacher as Professional and EDUC 6610
September 7th, 2012
Awareness of Walden University Resources & Guidelines
What information about scholarly writing did you find most relevant for improving your writing skills? Scholarly writing seems to be a strict but consistent way of writing papers. There should never be a confusion of the style of paper that is required at Walden University. For as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, writing all papers in APA format will become easier and easier as the weeks go by. Also there are a number of references of help aids at Walden University will play a vital role in the achievement of APA writing. Both The Pocket Guide to APA Style and Walden Writing Center are superb resources for verifying that the paper’s format is appropriate. For a summarized breakdown of all the need to know of APA writing, that’s when The Pocket Guide to APA Style will come in hand. It is also just a useful tool to answer a quick question on APA styling without connecting to the internet. For tutoring or extra help or even a question of APA styling, the Walden Writing Center is a great source. Here there are actually people that will proofread a paper by scheduling an appointment then submit the paper and they give their advice. This is really a neat tool since self-proofreading seems to always overlook something incorrect, whether it’s over APA styling, grammar, or other paper issues, the tutor will catch it and give advice to fix the issue at hand. Which of the APA guidelines were new to you? Having to write all papers in APA format would be new to me. Also the header of the abbreviated title is entirely new to me. I have never used the header abbreviated title before so this one is a bit confusing to me. I attempted to look it up in The Pocket Guide to APA Style; however I did not really have much luck in understanding it more....
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