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Checklist to help you prevent plagiarism in your work
Make sure you have:
1. 0 included a reference to clearly indicate the parts of your work that are drawn from another person’s work. You must clearly indicate which part of your work is drawn from somewhere else. Paraphrasing is when you use what someone else has said or written, but you write it in your own words. If you paraphrase you must include an in-text citation so the reader can locate the source.

Direct quotes are generally put in italics and should always be put inside quotation marks. Longer quotes can be indented so they stand apart from the main body of the text. Each must be followed by an in-text citation.

2. 0 provided a reference for every image, diagram or figure (unless you created it). Creation is when you produce something new. If you edit an existing item it would still need to be referenced.

3. 0 included a reference list.
Make sure you understand what type of referencing protocol you are required to follow for your unit. •

For text based assessments you will usually need to include in-text citations and a reference list that gives the full details of the source material.

For visual based artifacts or portfolios you will usually need to include a reference list that gives the full details of the sources that you referred to when creating your work, anything that you have used and modified must be listed.

4. 0 used direct quotations sparingly.
Carefully selected quotations add to the points you are making, but they don’t, in themselves, add to the quality of your work. Put another way, if you submitted an essay made up entirely of quotations from other sources you would probably gain a low or zero mark. It is fine to occasionally quote other people, and it is expected that you do – but make sure you provide your own contribution or viewpoint. It is your work that earns you marks.

5. 0 kept a copy of the original sources that you have used. Always keep your...
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