bad news letter

Topics: Citation, Research, Reference Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: July 24, 2014
Written Communication
Short Report
Group ProjectObjectives
Demonstrate the ability to synthesize research
Demonstrate the ability to edit
Demonstrate the ability to critique
Demonstrate the ability to effectively self-assess
Demonstrate the ability to prepare a complete Short Report
Guidelines: Successfully prepare a Short Report
1. Prepare a 1-page Memo written to your instructor. This typed investigation is due________________________. And includes the following: A. (Para 1) Identify why the reader should care about this information; provide a clear statement of the comparison study (what are you comparing?) This is sometimes called the report problem. Be sure to include the Problem Statement and Purpose Statement. See chapter 8 and pages 197 B. (Para 2) The variables/factors of the analysis (at least four). Explain why these four were chosen compared to other variables and factors that may exist C. Four research hypothesis. There should be research hypothesis for each of the four variables. Finally, identify what you believe. D. (Para 3) The plan for research (how will the information be investigated? Be specific what you plan to do, and why-do not just write “internet research”The maximum value of the memo assignment is 30 points 2. Prepare a 1-page research outline that guides your research and report writing. This typed outline will show the work. Refer to chapter 8 and “Organizing the Report” The Outline is due with the report_ A. Use outline symbol system (I,A,1,a) for subordination.

B. This outline needs to show the variables/factors of analysis and does NOT include and intro or conclusion of the report. Outline each variable. C. Provide complete thoughts for all points and subpoints.

D. The maximum value of this assignment is 20 points
3. Prepare a list of (8) References that are being used while researching the comparison. Put these in APA format(note: some databases have a “Cite” option) Use OWL for help with APA...
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