Behaviour Management

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Since the 1950s, the discipline of students in the classroom has transfigured from a forceful and authoritarian approach to a more evolved influential approach which helps build students self-awareness and allows self-accountability. As a teacher it is vital to be acquainted with different behaviour management theories in order to consider which approaches best suit the classroom setting for successful learning and quality teaching in the classroom. In an effective table this documents outlines and analysis the nine key behaviour management theories, as outlined by Charles (2012) and discusses the appropriateness of these strategies in the primary classroom setting. Also include is my personal beliefs about children and discipline, discussing what theories I would consider using in my classroom. Behaviour Management Theories

Examine and discuss the behaviour management theories as outlined in the Charles (2012) text. Your analysis should include the key aspects of each theory. Note each of the theories’ strengths and weaknesses from a teacher's perspective. Please use the Assignment 1 Theorist Table to outline and link your points. Please ensure that your work is supported by the literature. REDL & WATTENBERGMain concept

How pacticular group behaviour affects individual behaviour.
Particulars about the theory
e.g. characteristics, strengths and weaknesses from a teacher's perspective - Learn to predict what students are likely/not likely to do when in groups and when alone.
How suitable for Stages 1, 2, and/or 3? Justify with support from the literature.

B. SKINNERMain concept
-People will engage in and learn from activites that bring them pleasre i.e If we perform an act and receive a reward/positive outcome, then we will do it again (lecture 2, 2014).
Particulars about the theory
-Behaviourist classroom
-Help students change their behaviour for the better.
-Indivudual work,
-Order is required for quality learning-
How suitable for Stages 1, 2, and/or 3? Justify with support from the literature.

W. GLASSERMain concept
Behaviour as choice and realisty therapy.
The only person whose behaviour we can control is our own.
All we can give and get from other people is information. How we deal with that information is our own choice. Teachers need to influence students to make better choices.
Students are driven by Five needs:
1. Survivual, safety and security
2. Love, belonging and acceptance
3. Personal power, competency and achievement.
4. Freedom, independence and autonomy
5. Fun and learning
Particulars about the theory
-Behaviour motivated by students choice of thinking and feeling -In order to meet these needs, the most fundamental change to schools will be a move from bossing students to leading them -Students take responisibility for their actions

-Misbehaviour – teacher councel students through restorative justive principles Reality therapy.
How suitable for Stages 1, 2, and/or 3? Justify with support from the literature.

J. KOUNINMain concept
Good behaviour is dependent upon how lessons are presented and how teachers deal with different groups in the classroom.
Particulars about the theory
-When the teacher correct misbehaviour in one student, and it positively influences the behaviour of others. -- awarementss of what is going on in all parts of the classroom at all times --multitasking. Making sure all students have something to do – early finishers -Keeping instructive tasks short to avoid boredom, avoid abrupt changes -Keep member of the class/group paying attention

-Being satisfied or having enough
How suitable for Stages 1, 2, and/or 3? Justify with support from the literature. suitable for all ages
H. GINOTTMain concept
Students are self-regulated and can learn to manage their own behaviour. Students rebel when other try to regulate their behaviour
Students can solve their own problems when teachers...
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