Biogas: Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Topics: Natural gas, Petroleum, Waste Pages: 5 (990 words) Published: September 9, 2009

Solid wastes and water pollution from industrial and domestic sources contribute to the pressing environmental problems of the country's urban centers, particularly in Metro Manila. Improper waste disposal and the inadequacy of dumping sites further aggravate pollution load on rivers and tributaries from industries and households.

Today, attention has shifted to using organic waste materials in the production of methane gas or Biogas. Biogas is safe and useful for cooking, heating and lighting. It can also be a source of electricity. The raw materials consist mostly of organic and inorganic wastes such as vegetable waste, ripened fruits, leaves, coconut waste, fruit peelings, left-over, root crops, livestock slaughter house waste, human excreta, kitchen slops and all kinds of biodegradable waste Economic benefits are very evident in this project. Methane gas, an alternative to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), since calorific value of methane gas produced is better than the LPG's, electricity that (when the methane is converted mechanically) can light 250houses as it produces 260 kWh per day electric generation on the average of 200 watts per house and liquid fertilizer. Target market of methane gas is the community nearby the plant. Farmers are the target markets for the fertilizers

Ecological hazards may arise during collection and storage of garbage into the bin as it may emit foul odor and spread diseases to the nearby community or infect the workers. However, The project has mitigating measures: will establish a system of moving around the community, will disseminate proper guidelines in segregation of raw materials from households or any origin and will provide schedule in bringing wastes to the processing plant.

The project will be funded by bank for the initial capital and based on the sales projection full payment of this capitalization will last for five years. To God Be All The Glory!

GASMAS is a very viable business due to the following factors

1. Oil Crisis/ Scarcity of Supply

The whole world is experiencing oil crisis especially the Philippines. 99% of the crude oil that was used in the country were imported because our country has less or no capacity in producing its own oil for consumption. And since Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a By-product of imported crude oils, the decreasing supply of crude oil brings parallel effect on the supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas that almost households and industry are using right now. Biogas is the best alternative for Liquefied petroleum Gas.

2. Peso Devaluation / Cheaper price

The US Dollar is like a commodity. It is pegged in the oil that was imported which dictates the value of the Philippine currency. Our country is highly dependent to oil and we are using US Dollars to purchase our oil. Therefore if the supply of oil decreases, the more peso devaluation will be experienced and a domino effect will be experienced by the Filipino people: high inflation rate, high unemployment rate, high criminality rate and the more family under the poverty line. Tendency is that people will look for an alternative way to stretch their budget. The price of methane gases is 50% lesser compare to Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

3. Increasing Population / Demand

Methane gas is a necessity to man as an alternative to Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is used for everyday cooking and for general purposes. As the population increases, it follows that demand for these commodities will also increase and with the present amount of supply in the market which cannot meet the needs of the people. There is no other choice but to shift for other sources like the methane gas.

4. Abundant raw materials, cheaper manufacturing cost

Since that the raw material used in this business is considered a problem in society, it is somehow hitting two birds with one stone. It not only beneficially for the environment because it can be one way of...
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