Biography: Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs

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 Steve Jobs

The man who thought differently…
Manasi Sarin
8/1, English
March 25th 2013
Ms Taylor
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” These famous words have been said by the greatest man of the 21st century, Steve Jobs. This biography will be discussing how Steve Job’s life was remarkable, his achievements, and the problems he faced in life. We will also be discussing about the life lessons we can learn from Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs’s life was remarkable indeed. The legend was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco in a middle-class family. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. His biological parents, Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah John Jandali abandoned him. Abandoned, Chosen, Unique. Those concepts became a part of Steve Jobs. Even though he sometimes felt hurt, this made him very independent. His biological mother, Joanne made Clara and Paul promise to fund a savings account to pay for Steve’s education. Being abandoned caused a lot of pain to Steve but made him very independent. Some of his colleagues also said that this reflected on his behavior. Steve jobs had a playful childhood. He was a turbulent child. He learnt how to read even before elementary school. Young Steve would get into all sorts of trouble. However, he was very smart from an early age. It was very clear, to his parents and teachers that he was unique. His school made a proposal for him to skip two grades. His parents did not want him to skip two grades so he skipped only one grade. His father, Paul Jobs was a mechanic. He would refurbish and resell used cars. Steve never really cared too much about mechanical things but he admitted that he was eager to hang out with his dad. Through cars, his father gave Steve his first exposure to electronics. His Father showed him the rudiments in electronics which got Steve very interested. Also, his neighbor Larry Lang who was an HP engineer brought him stuff to play with. Steve Jobs had unique qualities. In Homestead High school, he met smart kids who were interested in the same thing as Steve. Jobs became friends with teacher’s all-time favorite and high school geek Stephen Wozniak. Their pranks by then typically involved electronics. By the end of high school, Jobs became charismatic and creepy. Steve applied only to Reed College in Portland, Oregon which was one of the most expensive colleges in the nation. Jobs found him deeply into books on spirituality and enlightment. He started meditating with his friends. His engagement with Eastern spirituality and Zen Buddhism deeply ingrained in his personality. Jobs went off to India. During the seven months in India he frequently wrote to his parents. When he returned, he was a totally different person. He wore Indian cotton robes, and his head was shaved. Zen Buddhism had a deep influence in his life ever since. Steve read a book called Diet for a small planet which deeply influenced him during his freshman year. Jobs and his friend Daniel Kotte became serious vegetarians during the freshman year. Jobs got bored of college and dropped out. He returned soda bottles for spare change and visited the Hare Krishna temple for the free Sunday dinners. In 1974, Steve found a job in Atari which was a video game company. Apple was Steve Jobs’s greatest achievement in life. The company had a disappointing start but later it was a great success. It all started when, Steve Wozniak, a high school geek friend of Steve Jobs, created a very powerful computer. Steve Jobs was very impressed with Wozniak’s innovation. Jobs had a fantastic plan of starting his own company. Steve Jobs’s sold his Volkswagen and Woz sold his beloved scientific calculator for money to start the company. They kept the company’s name ‘Apple’. It was a smart choice. Jobs and Woz worked together in creating Apple I. However it wasn’t a great success. So they started designing Apple II. It was a lot better! It was the first computer to produce...

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