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Biography Project

Essential Questions: Who are my heroes? How can I effectively research? How can I write an accurate (and interesting) essay?

Objectives: During this project you will write an essay about one of your heroes. This will be a month-long project involving the whole writing process (brainstorm, outline, drafts, revision, editing, publishing), as well as learning how to effectively research and cite sources.


Choose a person that you are interested in and that you think is a HERO. Check out:
Heroes and Heroines of the 20th Century: CNN’s Everyday Heroes: Save at least one page of information to a Pages or PDF Document along with the website’s URL and the date of access. (No Wikipedia, please!). Once you have a hero that you like, please sign up with me!

For this step you need at least TWO sources.
Highlight or otherwise make notes on your two sources.

After you have read and highlighted the information you collected, answer these questions in complete sentences in a separate document. Do more research if you can’t answer any question! 1. In what way was this person's life remarkable (unusual, incredible, different from others)? 2. In what way was it admirable?

3. What struggles, or problems, did this person have in their life? How did these problems shape this person? 4. What other events shaped this person's life?
5. What are lessons that you or other young people could learn from this person? 6. How does this person fit into your definition of a hero?
7. What other information would you like to know about this person?

Questions due: __________________

Phase Three: Re-RESEARCH and OUTLINE
Find at least one more website that answers any questions you still have. Look again at your highlighted pages AND the questions you answered in Phase Two. You...
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