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Nils Pratley
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Twitter and Royal Mail on the market – and it's the posties that deliver

It help to know that unprofitable company B – that's Twitter, of course – could be priced at $12bn (£7.5bn), or more than twice the value of profitable Royal Mail? We are, by now, used to sky-high tech valuations. Even so, it's remarkable that the rumoured $10bn-$15bn for Twitter has generated so little debate. Even with another six months of growth under its belt, the company is still generating annual revenue per user of only $2 – call it two first-class stamps. The great hope is that companies will pay to unleash a wave of advertising and Twitter users will accept that commercial messages are the price to be paid for a free service. Both ends of that proposition are untested. Facebook, it is true, has covered itself in ads but the character of Twitter may be different: its fast and furious nature may not lend itself so easily to becoming an online billboard or distributor of money-off vouchers. It's the perennial problem of how to value high-growth companies versus utility-like plodders. At these valuations, the vote here goes to the plodder. Royal Mail red letter day- its duty is to ensure the public pursue receives fair value.

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Charles Arthur
Thursday 22 August 2013 14.06 EDT
Apple TV rumours won't go away
Apple has no incentive to try to crack the TV market – far more likely is a wearable Apple fitness device

Each week another tidbit of information says Apple has been negotiating with this or that American TV content provider - now ESPN, then HOB, then Viacom - to offer exclusive programmes for its always-expected-yet-never-shown TV set. Apple does offer something called Apple TV: it's a set-top box the size and colour of an ice hockey puck. Steve Jobs referred to it as a "hobby", and Tim Cook hasn't changed that approach. Even so, more than 13m have sold since the launch, half of those...
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