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Executive summary
Business environment has changed every day; the different factors that affect to the business performance are occurred each day for example internal and external factors. The organization needs to have particular business strategy in order to meet the business environment changes. These organization’s business strategies require to be fit with the context of the business, objectives in the future and the internal dynamic of the organization. Vietnam is always counted as a potential market because it a fast developing economy. Vietnam attracts many international companies to invest in due to the stable economic growth and other important factors like cheap labour, political factors, demographic… Many global leading companies have come to Vietnam, and Apple is not the exceptional. They see the potential to expand their company in Vietnam, so the business strategy is needed. As a research consultant in one of leading business strategy research agencies, I prepare this report to outline the business environment of Apple Inc to aid in its future strategy and planning. In this report will content of: * The context of Apple Inc business strategy

* The significance of conducting a stakeholder analysis of Apple Inc * Conduct an external environment and organizational audit of company i.e Apple * Apply strategic positioning techniques to the analysis of Apple Inc * Demonstrate an ability to think strategically by explaining the possible considerations for strategic analysis of the company in expanding operation

Apple has become one of the worlds leading technological company since 2007, three decades after its incorporation. They rule the world technology with smartphones, computer software, iPod, and personal computer. They are planning entering into Vietnam market as they have some in other big Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, China, Hongkong. Therefore, a specific report is needed to help Apple to come up with a comprehensive business strategy in Vietnam. This report is aimed to plan Apple business strategy in Vietnam based on the real context of Apple around the world and Vietnam market reality in technology products. The analysis information is conducted to ensure the most effective strategy will be given to develop the performance of Apple in Vietnam in the future. To accomplish this report, Internet is a variety source that helped me collecting information. And also with the help of my lecturer – Mr Pham Quoc Khanh, I can clearly understand what is needed in this report. However, the limitation of time might effect on the quality of the report.

1a. Define the context of business strategy

As we can see above the description of circumstances surround Apple has been divided into two categories which are Industry environment and competitive environment. Industry environment including Demographic, Economic, and Socio-cultural On the other hand Political, technological and global are under Competitive environment . * Industry environment:

* Demographic:
First of all we are going to illustrate the demographic factor of industry environment . Demographic has been defined as socioeconomic characteristics of a population expressed statistically such as sex, age , educational level , income level, religion .(business dictionary ). The population reference bureau(PRB) has shown the increasing of the world population from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 6.7 billion in 2008 . Especially the population of China and India ( the most two largest population ) has been increased to 37% of the total population of the world . However nearly half of the population still living in urban area where lack of knowledge, technology and low income level . * Socio-cultural:

Moving on to the next stage which is socio-cultural .Nowadays we could see the differences between rich and poor people in the developing countries very clearly . Due to UNDP (United Kingdom Development...

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