Topics: Leadership, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: July 19, 2015
Choose two business leaders either living or deceased, and provide three examples that illustrates how they demonstrated leadership characteristics. For each of the people in the chosen examples, compare and contrast the differences between his/her leadership characteristics.

My opinion has always been that anyone can manage but not everyone can lead. We learned in our lecture the definition of leadership from Vance Packard, that leadership is the art of getting others to do something that the leader thinks should be done (Lewis, 2003). It is getting people to share your vision and buy into the ideas that you have. This is the commitment that you want.

When looking at the ten different approaches to the study of leadership when I read about the Charismatic leader I thought of Steve Jobs. He, perhaps better than anyone one in today's business world, sensed opportunities and was able to convey that vision to the employees of his company. He definitely articulated that vision and built trust and loyalty with his employees. There is no question that he achieved those visions and continues to inspire his employees even after his death. He had the ability to envision a product and share that with his people. He did not think small, he thought that his product and services would change the world. His greatest ability was his ability to be innovative and this made his company a leader in the industry. He had the ability to make his people understand and live his vision and the ability to get people to think they needed to have the latest Apple product or service (Henson, 2015). His passion for his company and its people and his ability to inspire trust helped make the company the success it is today. Walt Disney also had the wonderful ability to communicate his vision and inspire others to follow his dreams. He built good relationships with his employees and expected them to build good relationships with the customers. It is this component that drives the...
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