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1Executive Summary1-3


1.2Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniaks First Victory1-4

1.3Steve’s Downfall1-5

1.4Steve Jobs and His Road Back to the Top1-5

1.5Steve Jobs and his Fight with Cancer1-6



Table of FIgures

Figure 1: The 1st Apple Computer

Figure 2: The Apple II

Figure 3: RIP Steve Jobs

Executive Summary

In this reserch report you will be reading about Steve Jobs and his contribution to technology in relation to his innovation, creativity and revelutionary ideas.You will read about his early inventions from the blue boxes, an invention made by himself and Steve Wozniak, Steves close friend, to make long distance calls for free, to 2011 and his newest invention the I phone 4s. I will discuss his competition for monopoly in the technology world with Microsoft owner Bill Gates. Finally I will talk about Steve jobs fight with cancer, which ended this year in October 2011.

1 Introduction

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California on the 24th February 1955. His biological parents met at a young age during college and his mother Joanne Schieble became pregnant out of marriage and because her parents were against her marrying Steve’s Biological father Abdulfattah Jandali a Muslim she decided to move away to San Francisco and have the baby alone without anyones knowledge. A couple called Paul and Clara Jobs who were unable to have children adopted him. Steve grew up with one adopted sister named Patti. Paul Jobs worked as a machinist in a company that created lasers. Steve had a lot of respect for his adopted father Paul, calling him a genius on more then one occasion and explaining that he was very skilled when working with his hands.

In 1961 Steve and his family moved to Mountain View, California know known as Silicon Valley. Steve spent a lot of time in his neighbour’s workshop that worked in Hewlett and Packard. He enrolled in the Hewlett and Packard explorer club were he was able to see engineers use the most up to date technology and at the young age of 12 he saw his first computer. From that moment he knew he wanted to work in the area of technology.

During high school Steve attended lectures at Hewlett and Packard. During one of the lectures he bravely asked William Hewlett, the president, could he have parts for a project he had been working on. Mr Hewlett was so impressed he offered Steve a summer job.

In 1972 Steve attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He spent 2 years in college but dropped out after one semester, sleeping on a friend’s floor and audited a lot of different classes including calligraphy. In the summer of 1974 Steve decided to travel to India and study eastern religions.

In 1975 Steve Joined a group called Homebrew Computer Club were he met a technology genius named Steve Wozniak who was trying to build a small Computer. This developed into a strong friendship and in 1976 they created their own company called Apple computing. The name came from a happy memory Steve Jobs had of a summer were he spent his time apple picking. They raised their start up money by selling Steve Jobs car and Steve Wozniaks Calculator raising $1300.

2 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniaks First Victory


Figure 1 The 1st Apple Computer

Steve Jobs was a very passionate and inspirational man “We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? And we’ve all chosen to do this with our lives. So it better be damn good. It better be worth it.” – Fortune. He saw huge potential in Woz’s mini computer idea. They designed their 1st apple personal computer in a garage in 1976. Both Jobs and Woz knew they were onto something and jobs had some ideas on how to improve the apple computer so they scrapped some money together by selling printed circuit...

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Figure 2 The Apple II
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