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This task offers you an opportunity to achieve LO.1: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 , 1.4, Write a report to the CEO of Carlton (or another company of your choice) that: Addresses the decision making processes of their customers (1.1). Explains what is buyer behaviour including at least ONE theory of buyer behaviour (1.2) Explores THREE factors that influence consumer behaviour (1.3). In addition, your report should explain the meaning of a brand and whether a relationship exists between branding and brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat purchase in the context of your chosen company (1.4). Guidelines:

1.1 Describe the main stages of the purchase decision-making process. In explaining these stages, you should includeneed recognition or perception, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, post purchase evaluation stages for the individual consumer. 1.2 Explain theories of buyer behaviour in terms of individuals and markets. You should : Use a reputable source of information about buyer behaviour*, identify at least one theory of buyer behaviour, explain this theory of buyer behaviour, include citations, these should be referenced using made using Harvard referencing style. 1.3 Explain the factors that affect buyer behaviour. Your answer should identify and explain at least three factors which could influence buyer behaviour. Examples should be used in your explanations. 1.4 Evaluate the relationship between brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat purchase. A definition of a brand and brand loyalty from a reputable source should be provided*.Give a description of corporate image and repeat purchase with reference to a branded company and/or product. Evaluate of how brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat purchase relates with each other. Examples may be used to strengthen your answer. *Your lecturer will explain what is reputable and what may not be reputable source
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