Business Analysis of Apple Inc.

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Business Analysis of Apple Incorporated
Sarah Norton
May 16, 2011
Jerry Davis
Business Analysis of Apple Incorporated Apple Incorporated is a company that has made their mark in designing and marketing electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Some of Apple Incorporated’s most notable products include the Macintosh computer, the iSeries; iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Along with these computer applications Apple Incorporated also runs the iTunes store; a multimedia site where music, movies, and television shows. There branding genius has led to $65.23 billion dollars in sales in 2010. Looking at Apple Incorporated as a mutual fund manager it is important to perform a business analysis of the company to decide if it is wise to invest in this company. SWOT Analysis

The strength of Apple Incorporated includes strong brand image and marketed financial performance. Weaknesses of Apple Incorporated are product recall and the competitive market of electronics including IBM, HPQ, and Dell. Opportunities for Apple Incorporated include demand for smartphones and continued growth of need for mobile computers as society has become more mobile and needs for technology flourish. Threats to the growth of Apple Incorporated include competition, dependence on specific suppliers, and environmental concern that Apple Incorporated is not a green company. The stakeholders of Apple Incorporated include shareholders, lenders, apple employees, manufacturers and their employees, customers, suppliers, and the music industry. All stakeholders have unique interests in the productivity and development of Apple Incorporated products. Shareholders are looking for growth and the chance to gain a return on their investments. As the company grows and earns more money stock goes up and gives shareholders confidence in Apple Incorporated Lenders have vested interest on success and innovation of Apple Incorporated because the institutions want the company to succeed and can repay debts earned. Employees of Apple Incorporated need the business to succeed so they can continue to have solid jobs in the industry. There are currently 46,660 full-time and 8000 part-time employees at Apple Incorporated. Manufactures and their employees need Apple Incorporated to continue to make product to keep their businesses flourishing and retain employment. Suppliers of Apple Incorporated products need the business to flourish so they can bring product to market. Last the music industry has vested interest in Apple Incorporated to continue to provide services that will expand their businesses and revenue. Currently music labels earn approximately 70% of the revenue- driven by downloading signed artist music. With the music industry’s reliance on moving with technology for profit, they see a need to fulfill customer’s wants of being able to get the music he or she want to purchase with speed and ease. The importance of all stakeholders who would be affected by Apple Incorporated’s growth and development makes it very important to evaluate wisely SWOT data to see if it would be acceptable to invest further in the company. Investing in Apple Incorporated

Apple Incorporated’s strength’s lies in its branding platform. Their logo of a bitten apple is recognized globally. The iSeries continues to be in high demand and held as the gold standard. Sleek, colorful design and touch screen application are some of the offerings brought to market from Apple Incorporated Sales have continued to explode with each new generation of products released. Apple Incorporated continues to work on more innovated products that would allow for multiple systems usage on one computer. This would allow the customer to use Apple Incorporated MacIntosh PCs in conjunction with Microsoft. This would allow the customer a choice to use the best application to complete projects and mesh existing paperwork together. Apple...

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