Business Society and planet, ethical values and worldviews

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What to say
To Whom
Ethical decision making
Father: Deepak, welcome to my business, from now onwards you will be leading the sales and marketing team of the firm with annual turnover of 100,000,000. Deepak
Welcoming Deepak In the firm.
Welcoming tone,
Economic and Anthropocentric approach as the focus is on the annual turnover of the company. Individualistic approach; decision by father of getting his son join his firm. 2-
Father: You joined the business when the industry is in crucial stage and handling firm’s cash flow is a big issue as we need to pay the suppliers and labourers in cash. Deepak
After welcoming Deepak in the office.
In tensed tone, letting Deepak know about the situation of industry. Anthropocentric approach as the economy is discussed in it.
Pragmatistic approach as father is concerned about the prevailing situation in the industry. 3-
Father: As the industry is in recession, clients now pay even later on average 150-180 days after the delivery. Our clients still have to pay us Rs. 10,000,000 which they’re unable to pay because of the industry’s situation. Deepak

During the orientation about the company.
Tensed tone informing Deepak of the shortfall of cash.
Anthropocentric approach as monetary issues is discussed only. Pragmatistic approach as the cash flow of the firm is affected currently. 4-
Father: The cash available in the firm is only enough for the firm to meet its requirements just for next 6 months. Deepak
Giving information about the company’s issues in the office. In Serious tone telling Deepak of the situation of cash available in the company. Economic approach as economic issues is under consideration only.

Potential clients said we want to work with you but we are not financially stable and not in a good position to place any order right now. Deepak
After joining, on calls with potential clients.
Disappointing tone as no client was able to give order.
Anthropocentric Approach as it is about getting the firm’s revenue rolling. Rights approach as the clients have the right to say No when they are not in any good position. 6-
The purchase manager calls to place an order for t-shirts and is willing to pay 50% in advance. Deepak
Trying to make effort for the better future of firm.
Exciting tone while receiving a phone call.
Economic Approach as he gets the call for the revenue generation only. Is the order equally beneficial for both parties?
Purchasing manager: I have received your tender but unfortunately all other companies are offering me the same rate. If you want to bag this contract then you can pay me 10% of commission and the contract is yours. Deepak

After submitting the tender.
By offering the opportunity to bag this order
Economic Approach as bribe is being asked.
Individualistic approach as Purchasing manager is thinking of what is he getting out of this contract. 8-
Deepak: I am about to bag a contract which seems good for our firm but the Purchasing manager is asking for 10% commission which I think is very wrong. It’s unethical. Ashish
After getting the call from purchase manager.
In state of shock.
EcoCentric approach as Deepak thinks of the ethical values as well. Fairness approach; is it fair to pay bribe in order to get the contract? 9-
Ashish: oh, I can understand but Deepak, it is a normal practice in the business to pay bribe to get some contracts. This order is very important in these crucial times so I think we should go for it. On earlier occasions, we lost the orders to the competitors when we refused to provide such payments to get orders. Deepak

In response to Deepak`s question.
Ashish trying to calm him down.
Economic approach as Ashish is just considering the monetary benefits. The Common-Good approach as he thinks it is for the wellbeing of the whole firm to pay bribe to bag contract. 10-
Ashish: The firm would not incur any loss of revenues by paying such commissions as it is...
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