Business Society and the Planet Reflective Writing

Topics: Sustainability, Capital, Five Capitals Pages: 4 (952 words) Published: January 18, 2015
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Reflective Writing

From the first chapter of the text book, I learn the basic concept about sustainability. It contains the interesting knowledge like what are the three main components and what are the possible negative impacts of business upon our environment, society and economy .In the past, I assumed that doing business in sustainable way means not to pollute the environment a lot and not to use the incorrect accounting information either to get the impression from the investors and customers or to avoid the tax. But now, I realize that I also have to consider the impact on the social life of not only the staffs in our company but also the people in our society. There are some companies that really concern about their staffs, people in their community as well as those around the world. From my knowledge, one of such obvious firms is Google Company. Google distributed $144,606,000 in cash and $1,000,000,000 in products in 2012 (Kate Wilke, May 23, 2014). In my opinion, building the company’s image in charitable way is really beneficial both for the company and customers. First of all, the staffs will be really happy to work in the sustainable environment like that. And secondly, the customers will assume that they are using our product means they are also helping our charity activity by letting us gain more profit. In the past decades, whether to concentrate on the profit or environmental sustainability was a difficult choice for firms. According to the Pollen and Ehrlich’s environmental equation, environmental impact is directly proportionate to the technology. Since the technology is improving day by day, the negative impacts on the environment is also increasing. And I also thought that it would be difficult to persuade our business partners or coworkers or boss to choose to go green over profit. However, Ray Anderson pointed out that we can try to make them inversely proportionate to each other. As for their...

References: Kate Wilke, (May 23, 2014). American’s Most Charitable Companies: Retrieved from
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