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Food20003 Assignment
In Australia, when a change to the food laws, food additives or novel ingredients is required, a submission is made to the government regulatory authority, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). This submission generally comprises of a review of the literature, giving the background to this change, comparing this change with the situation in other countries, and reviewing the literature for possible adverse affects on humans. Submissions are generally made by a company wishing to change the food laws, and they present evidence to support their claim that this addition is safe, and poses no threat to the health of the population. The submission is then open to public comment where other interested parties might refute the evidence and present a different case. Your task for this assignment is to prepare a short submission which argues that insects may be deliberately added to bread, and sold in Australia. The argument could be that they provide nutrients which are lacking or low in the general population. You may use any insect you chose, but some examples are • Whitchedy grubs (Endoxyla leucomochla)

• Bogong moths (Agrotis infusa)
• Any other of your choosing
A good place to start is to search for articles reporting the chemical composition of edible insects. Refine your search from here. The format of this assignment is one of a literature review. It should be in essay-style, with opening introductory and finishing paragraphs. You may choose to divide the bulk of the assignment up in sub-headings to help with the structure. This assessment item will introduce you to the skills required to summarise and review original research articles, give you practical experience in writing a scholarly review article and to further and extend knowledge of food systems as developed in the lecture and tutorial program. The following guide gives you practical...
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