CAA Roadside App Weekly Case Note

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CAA Roadside App – Weekly Case Note
What are the potential benefits to CAA of providing clients with the CAA Roadside app ? As illustrated in the news clash, the potential benefits of CAA’s Roadside App is the ability to instantaneously transmit GPS data with a tap of an icon to a CAA dispatch office, where a dispatcher can then send assistance. This app is able to seamlessly send information with little need for human intervention. The simplicity and efficiency of the app can potentially help CAA build a large customer base and build brand loyalty by pushing forth revolutionary IT and integrating it to road safety (first-mover advantage). CAA can also collect information regarding driving patterns (speed, distance, accidents,) and the Roadside App (number of uses, false positives, etc.) and back it up against the clients demographic information and integrate all the data collected towards the pricing of their insurance premiums. In addition, based on the information it collects through the app about its clients, it can offer targeted and specialized services towards each client. If the Roadside App becomes popular enough on the Apple platform, it could see itself being used on other platforms (Google Play Store, etc.), which could help standardize road safety and collect information on drivers for a larger population (municipally, nationally, internationally). As the app gets more popular, CAA can see itself partnering itself with other companies, which would in turn develop more brand loyalty and profitability.

Was CAA wise to build this on the Apple Iphone Platforms as opposed to, say, the Blackberry or Motorolla platforms ? It was wise for CAA to first build its’ app on the Apple iPhone platform because it was the largest growing mobile device being purchased by Canadians. By building on the iPhone platform first, it shows that CAA is following rising trends in technology and integrating IT as a strategy to develop and grow its business. It identified...
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