Cartoon Rhetorical Analysis

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Cartoon Rhetorical Analysis
On Setember 25, 2012, two cartoons by Randy Bish and Jimmy Marguiles were realeased because of the iPhone Madness.
In Randy Bish's cartoon about iPhone Madness shows that the new iPhone 5 has everything you need in your fingertips. Since it came out, the iPhone was been brought by million worldwide people because of its high technology. Apple, the producer of the iPhones, has said it has sold more than five million iPhone 5 over the first couple days it came out. It set a new high company record for the Apple company. The audience for this cartoon was for iPhone buyers and fans or whoever that is a big supporter of the iPhone. According to Apple, there's nothing that matches the intelligence of the iPhone 5. It has finally reached the highest technology advancement we have had in a long time. The tone of the cartoon is very satisfied and dominating. The iPhone is peaking to the top of the most advancement in world history, outsmarting any living, wise man.

Randy Bish uses many rhetorical strategies to give his cartoon meaning. In the quote, "What could I possibly offer you that you couldn't find using an iPhone 5?", the word "possibly" implies that there is nothing that any man with high intelligence could give information that the iPhone couldn't give you. The iPhone has so much information of everything that any old wise man couldn't tell you. If the iPhone was a human being it would probably be the person whoozing out so much information and knowledge. It knows everything in every subject. The climber symbolizes the iPhone rise in technology and how the iPhone is reaching the peak of the Intelligence Mountain or to top of what we think is the limit. The man seating at the top of the mountain probably symbolizes the highest technology that any product can get and the iPhone 5 is almost getting there and reaching the limit.

In Jimmy Marguile's cartoon helps people understand the high demanding production the iPhone has. It...
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